What does ADR mean in CS2?


    If you’re just starting out in Counter-Strike 2, there are a lot of terms you need to learn. ADR is one of those terms, and CS2 players will quickly learn what it means.

    What does ADR mean in CS2 (Counter-Strike 2)?

    ADR stands for average damage per round, which directly translates to how much damage you are doing per round. A higher number is better, since that means you’ll probably get kills and not miss your shots. Seeing a low number, or even zero, is not good because it means you are not carrying your weight.

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    You might still be winning your rounds with low ADR if you’re led by a good teammate, but you don’t want that to be the case. In an ideal world, everyone contributes to successful rounds, but that won’t always be the case. As you learn the game, don’t expect your ADR to be through the roof. However, not everyone in the CS2 community will agree with you having low ADR, so you might experience some hostility if you play with random players.

    How to increase your ADR in CS2

    There are a few ways to ensure decent ADR in CS2 besides simply getting better at the game. Choosing the right gun for you is a big step. You’ll have to take some time to try out different weapons, and each of them works differently from the others. You can also try different game modes to mix things up. Casual is a good place to learn how things work.

    Another big thing is finding a team to play with. There’s no telling what kind of players you’ll get in a random game, but friends are another matter entirely. They will learn each other’s playing style and how to work with each other. You’ll also be much less likely to get called if you play with friends.

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