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    So many orbs, so little time! For a limited time only, Pet Simulator X fans can participate in a new minigame, Yeet a Pet, which tasks players with rounding up their rarest pets to “yeet,” or throw, them as far as they can. The more strength a player has, the farther their pets will be thrown; the farther a pet is thrown, the more coins will be earned. So, with that being said, how do I increase my Yeet a Pet strength? And what are these orbs scattered around Yeet World? The answers to both of these questions are related, and can be found in the brief guide below.

    What are orbs for in Yeet World in Pet Simulator X?

    Scattered throughout Yeet World are various colorful orbs; these orbs, when collected, give the player a temporary power/strength boost, and add to their overarching stash of orb currency. When a Yeet a Pet round ends, the throw area will close and a short 30 second countdown will begin. During this cool down period, run around and collect as many of these orbs as you can—the more orbs you collect, the more power/strength you’ll have for the next round, which means the farther you’ll be able to yeet your pets.

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    Keep in mind, however, that any extra strength you earn from collecting orbs is only temporary, and will disappear each time a round ends—meaning you’ll need to repeat the process of collecting orbs, throwing your pets for coins, and then, when the round ends, collecting orbs again to raise your strength level above its set base.

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    What is an Orb Storm in Yeet World in Pet Simulator X?

    An Orb Storm happens every time a player’s server collects 10,000 orb currency, and causes orbs to spawn much faster and in much higher amounts for two minutes. When an Orb Storm ends, the counter will be reset to zero and the orbs will begin spawning at the regular speed.

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    That’s it for this quick guide on what orbs do in Pet Simulator X’s Yeet a Pet event. When this event ends, Yeet World will be removed from the experience, along with the Yeet a Pet minigame, orbs, eggs, and pets. If you’re hoping to get in on the action, be sure to try it out before Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023, when the minigame will likely disappear forever!

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