What are the conjurations in Hogwarts Legacy?


    Hogwarts Legacy allows for deep customization of your own witch or wizard. Beyond that, in a nod to the Room of Requirement’s ability to take any form in the Harry Potter universe, you can customize this space in many different ways thanks to the Conjuration system. Spells comprise all the furniture you can place and sometimes even change the color and size in your home base. This is how the Hogwarts Legacy system works.

    What is Conjuration at Hogwarts Legacy?

    Conjuration allows you to furnish your Room of Requirement with both functional and decorative furniture. Different Conjurations can be purchased at Tomes and Scrolls, a shop in Hogsmeade. While you will have a Conjuration limit, or item limit, in your Room of Requirement, there are many different ways to customize Conjurations. Decorative items such as chairs can be rotated, skinned, recolored, and even resized to be smaller or larger. Functional items, such as a pot for growing magical greenery, can also be changed to different colors and placed in various ways around the room.

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    In addition to learning the appropriate spell, various amounts of Moonstones will be required to create Conjurations. Moonstones can be found within Vivariums, larger magizoologist havens inside where magical beasts can be raised and cared for. All items within a Vivarium can also be customized using the Conjuration system.

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