Westworld’s Most Overlooked Plot Hole is Found within the First Season


The science of Westworld is fascinating however typically inconsistent. One of essentially the most neglected examples occurs in Season 1, Episode 4, “Dissonance Theory,” when one of many techs within the management room makes an announcement that’s by no means heard once more — “I’ve got a request for a pyrotechnic effect.” The request is introduced on by a storyline the place William, aka the Man in Black, is breaking himself and Hector out of Los Diablos Prison. This is a part of his quest to seek out the middle of the maze, a aim that consumes him all through the present’s first season. As he lights a fuse hidden in a cigar, the scene shifts to indicate the management room. The techs alter some code to permit the pyrotechnic impact. This appears to allow the explosion to work, which explodes the jail cell’s lock and frees the 2 males.

Though “I’ve got a request for a pyrotechnic effect” feels like a phrase that will match the boundaries arrange by this science fiction world, there are hidden implications. If explosions must be accepted individually by the employees, this may recommend that explosive units don’t robotically work in Westworld. At the very least, it implies that explosions must be triggered by the tech employees. But after this one time, nobody mentions pyrotechnic requests ever once more.

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The viewers is already conscious by this level within the present that firearms don’t harm the actual folks in Westworld, solely the hosts. But there has not been something explicitly talked about concerning the results of explosives or that they cannot work with out specific technological permission. It is feasible that the company could be unaware of this truth. They would by no means must know that sure actions must be triggered by the management room techs, particularly with all of the secrecy surrounding the operations in Westworld and Delos’s true intentions. But it looks like this may be a recurring subject that will be mentioned within the management room. The actual drawback with this concept — pyrotechnics needing approval — comes when making an attempt to know the science behind it.

The science surrounding this request is murky. If explosions want technological permission, then do firearms want that as properly? Does fireplace, as a fundamental aspect, want technological permission? Maybe there are particular boundaries set across the measurement of the explosion. For instance, a small campfire with sparks and embers wouldn’t have to be accepted by the employees. But an explosion massive sufficient to decimate a jail cell lock would want approval. Still, the science doesn’t make sense. How would a boundary of this kind be positioned within the first place? There are not any solutions to those questions, solely extra questions. A single assertion turns right into a plot gap that threatens to unravel your complete scientific basis of the present.

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When every little thing falls aside on the finish of the primary season, when the hosts start to take management of the park through mass homicide, nobody expresses shock that explosions can now work at any time. It doesn’t matter who instigates the explosion, how large it’s, or who it kills. Every fuse that’s lit ends in an explosion. The techs are shocked that the hosts are capable of act of their very own accord, however their horrified discussions by no means point out explosions.

While Westworld does job of explaining a lot of the science behind the hosts and their synthetic intelligence, pyrotechnics inside the park are a murky drawback. One throwaway remark within the first season — “We have a request for a pyrotechnic effect” — places every little thing into query. It is now unclear what’s allowed, what is feasible, and easy methods to discover the boundaries. It nearly looks like the boundaries, the security precautions for company, by no means even existed within the first place.

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