We’re the big dogs, keep underestimating us


    They were dubbed as a band of rebels. Nobody’s really. VALORANT players scraped together in a pickup palooza to pull Evil Geniuses through the year before bigger investment could build on the foundations in year two. 

    Led by an unproven Head Coach with a world of expectations on her shoulders, these scallywags have pulled together in a movie-like fashion,

    But on Hollywood’s doorsteps, is this actually the story that Evil Geniuses have painted? Or is it much more of a case of underestimation? Have EG always been championship calibre, and this success isn’t a story of vindication, but rather justification? Coach Christine “potter” Chi and star man Kelden “Boostio” Pupello think so.

    Boostio claims Evil Geniuses are ‘the big dogs’ in VALORANT esports

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    Evil Geniuses are now back-to-back Grand Finalists, once before at Masters Tokyo, and now again at the pinnacle Champions event. If any fans believed that Tokyo was a fluke, these doubts have now been eradicated, and the Evil Geniuses roster is now backing themselves as recognised world-class talent.

    “This tournament is definitely not a miracle run,” said Boostio to GGRecon in a post-match press conference. 

    “We’ve proven at the last two international tournaments that we are one of the best teams in the world, and some of the best players in the world.

    “For this tournament, we’re the big dogs.”

    Evil Geniuses have already knocked out some absolutely dynamite teams at Champions to become Grand Finalists, most namely reigning champions LOUD, and the pick-up roster demand the respect of the VALORANT community.

    Coach Potter hopeful that Paper Rex considers Evil Geniuses as underdogs

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    For so long though, Evil Geniuses have been underdogs. Even in the semi-final fixture, many believed LOUD’s nuance was strong enough to prevail and set up the chance to retain their crowns. 

    But now EG might be edging into the drivers seat against Paper Rex, despite coming from the lower bracket.

    Head Coach Potter hopes that this isn’t the case though, as she is praying that PRX keeps down-playing Evil Genuises and underestimates their ability.

    “Keep underestimating us, hopefully Paper Rex underestimate us too,” Potter added in the conference, in reference to the ‘miricle run’ comments.

    Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex will face off in a clash of the crazy at VCT Champions 2024, with both playstyles meshing to cause mayhem.

    Only one can come out on top though and be crowned as Champions,


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