Welcome Home ARG – All Characters, Listed


    Welcome Home ARG is an exciting theme with roots in a mysterious children’s puppet show. This colorful series contains picture books, recordings, and vintage merchandise, all centering on a charming neighborhood and its residents. We get strong Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes from Welcome Home ARG, but that may just be our imagination.

    The restoration and dismantling of this children’s television show has generated a lot of mystery. The team has discovered that there eight featured characters in total, although there is a ninth member named Home, which is Wally’s house. This may lead you to wonder who all the characters in Welcome Home ARG are.

    All the characters of Welcome Home ARG

    Each Welcome Home ARG character lives in the neighborhood together. The website shows this neighborhood and exactly where each character lives. Feel free to check out each character below or read more about them on the website by clicking on their house. Here are all the characters from the Welcome Home ARG neighborhood.

    dear wally

    Image via WHRP

    Wally is one of the most popular Welcome Home characters. Maybe one of the reasons why he is so popular is that he is a painter. You can learn a lot if you draw with Wally and his house called Home.

    Barnaby B. Beagle

    Image via WHRP

    If you are looking for jokes and funny stories, your best friend will be Barnaby B. Beagle. There is no better comedian in the world than BBB! And if that’s not enough, he’s also a great entertainer because even when he doesn’t pull the trick, he’ll make you laugh.

    jolly julie

    Image via WHRP

    It seems that nothing can spoil Julia’s positive spirit. She will always welcome you with a smile, ready to play with you. If anyone can cheer you up at Welcome Home, it’s Julia and her beautiful flowers!

    frankly frankly

    Image via WHRP

    Don’t let Frank’s straight face fool you; he is one of the friendliest residents you will meet at Welcome Home. He is bright and honest, so he can come across as harsh at times. The truth is that he only wants the best for his friends!

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    sally star

    Image via WHRP

    Sally is the most imaginative resident of the Welcome Home. She always comes up with new stories, and her friends are more than happy to act them out in plays she directs.

    poppy partridge

    Image via WHRP

    Poppy Partridge is the most down-to-earth resident of the Welcome Home. Her neighbors are often too optimistic and carefree for her liking, so she tries to counter that with reasoning so they can be more responsible. That way, nothing horrible will happen.

    Hello Pilar

    Image via WHRP

    Howdy is such a friendly shopkeeper who is more than happy to trade groceries for a good story or joke. That might be nice, but not great for his business, since you can’t pay the bills with laughter. Or maybe you can? This is a Welcome Home, after all!

    eddie dear

    Image via WHRP

    Eddie is a great postman, although he seems to forget things, which is not the best trait for this job. But he’s the only postman at Welcome Home and charming, so the residents can only think the best of him.

    Homes in Welcome Home

    Image via WHRP

    The houses in Welcome Home have their own character. They are alive, so residents always lean on them to tell exciting stories. Looking closer, you’ll notice that only Walley’s house has eyes. Have you ever thought about why?

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