Weather Wizard Proves That Some Vampires Hate Their New Lives


The nature of vampirism within the DCU has been one thing of an enigma. People react to it in varied methods, and it is change into clear that it’s nearly unimaginable for DC’s mages to grasp utterly. At the identical time, it appears to operate as one thing of an dependancy that’s unimaginable to withstand. However, DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #4 (by Alex Paknadel, Matthew Rosenberg, Pasquale Qualano, Nicola Righi, Troy Peteri) reveals that not all vampires, even when they swear loyalty to Nightwing, get pleasure from their new vampiric standing.

When Mary Marvel revealed to the Weather Wizard that there was a treatment for vampirism, he ceased all hostilities and demanded she give him the treatment. Unfortunately, he was killed earlier than he might get it, however his response is telling. It demonstrates that not all vampires like what they’ve been became. Furthermore, it begs the query of why some do, whereas others don’t.

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How Vampirism Works within the DC Universe

From the few accounts which were given about the way it feels to be a vampire, many describe it as being largely outlined by a starvation that’s unimaginable to withstand. In some ways, it’s likened to an dependancy, unimaginable to sate and equally troublesome to withstand. The few who’ve efficiently resisted can solely accomplish that via intense psychological coaching and fixed focus. It’s not an ideal state of existence in any case.

Yet, others, similar to Wonder Woman and Superman appear to be reveling in it. It’s nearly as if being a vampire has given them leeway to be their worst selves, exacerbating their lesser qualities to an unimaginable diploma and turning them into the monsters they’re at the moment. If so, then it begs the query of why Weather Wizard’s desperation for a treatment appears curious and leaves room for additional exploration.

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Vampirism within the DC Universe Might Affect Morality Differently

Perhaps it has to do with a query of morality. After all, Weather Wizard was already a villain earlier than he grew to become a vampire. He had already succumbed to temptation and darkness a very long time in the past. In distinction, folks like Nightwing, Wonder Woman, and Superman have resisted all of it their lives. If changing into a vampire will increase that temptation tenfold, then it is no marvel they grew to become villains so rapidly. The urge to take action would have been overwhelming and is sensible from a characterization standpoint.

On the flip aspect, Weather Wizard had been residing with temptation all his life. The solely problem introduced by his new state of existence was limiting when he might out into the world and the sudden want to drink blood. Sure, he allied himself with Nightwing’s new regime, however it was in the end for the sake of survival. As supporting proof, Weather Wizard rapidly turned in opposition to his king when he came upon there was a manner again. If being a villain meant his life was by no means nice earlier than this, then changing into a vampire should have made issues insupportable. For instance, he was actually serving to to run a human blood farm. Weather Wizard has by no means been some of the sadistic rogues within the DC Universe, however he had a component to play on this, and he dared not refuse till another introduced itself.

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