We need to play the Pokemon x Zelda crossover



    Crossovers are all the rage in gaming. Whether it’s TMNT in Street Fighter, Master Chief in Rainbow Six, or the myriad of collabs that infiltrate Fortnite on a weekly basis, it means big business. Full-blown crossovers tend to be saved for the likes of Injustice or Smash Bros., but now, someone has pitched a very different one. 

    When it comes to the holy trifecta of Nintendo IPs, Pokemon and Zelda sit neatly alongside Mario. This Triforce of gaming legends continue to keep the Switch chugging, but just imagine if we combined them. Now, someone has given us a Pokemon x Zelda crossover that is (unfortunately) too good to be true.

    What is the Pokemon x Zelda crossover?

    As the brainchild of the brilliant Bilsu Art, Pokemon Link Dimension turns Hyrule into its own Pokemon region. Boasting its own unique take on the Pocket Monsters, we also see several Zelda mechanics merged surprisingly well with the world of Pokemon.

    Like with any Pokemon game, the hardest choice is which starter you’ll go with. In Pokemon Link Dimension, the Deku, Goron, and Zora represent the three types of Grass, Fire, and Water. We also see Tears of the Kingdom’s four temple bosses revamped as Pokemon. 

    It’s an incredibly well-thought-out idea, with the Instagram page explaining minute details like a Zonai Pokeball being able to catch Dragon-type creatures flying above Hyrule. Other highlights include a Rapidash-inspired Epona, Masterend as a personified Master Sword, and Majorigus honouring Majora’s Mask.

    Can you play the Pokemon x Zelda crossover?

    Sadly, Pokemon Link Dimension is just a fan project that’s gone viral. Anyone can create crossover artwork, and as impressive as this is, it’ll likely remain as drawings. For one, Nintendo isn’t exactly known for being generous with its IPs, meaning any form of an actual game would likely be shut down in the blink of an eye.

    No offence to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but Pokemon Link Dimension arguably puts the imagination of Gen IX to shame. Thankfully, the Indigo Disc and Teal Mask DLCs are poised to redeem our hopes in the franchise. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the Pokemon x Zelda crossover and watch this colourful Hyrule evolve.



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