Wayfinder – How to unlock Kyros (Heroic & Standard)


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    Wayfinder is a free-to-play massively multiplayer action role-playing game. From that long description, I would like to focus on the “free-to-play” part here as it determines how you can acquire gear, cosmetics, and, most importantly – characters. The F2P game model includes microtransactions and other ways of making you invest money in the “free” game. That being said, one of the more popular characters from the get-go was Kyros. At first, I didn’t know how to get him. Here’s how to unlock Kyros in Wayfinder, both the regular and Heroic Kyros.

    How to get Kyros and Heroic Kyros – Wayfinder

    Heroic Kyros Exalted Founder's Pack
    Image via Airship Syndicate

    To unlock Kyros in Wayfinder for free, you must collect Wayfinder Tokens and use them in the game’s shop. Wayfinder Tokens can be earned by completing challenges, beating enemies, and opening chests. You can buy Kyros from the in-game store when you accumulate enough Wayfinder Tokens. As you can expect, this will take some time as you’ll have to grind for Tokens.

    If you want to get Kyros straight away, you’ll have to buy him in the in-game store for real money. Sounds simple and expensive, right? Well, it is, as the game is not really free-to-play, at least not during the early access period. This gives you the answer to how to unlock Kyros, but for getting Heroic Kyros, you pretty much have only one option.

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    How to unlock Heroic Kyros – Wayfinder

    To get Heoric Kyros, you must buy Exalted Founder’s Pack for $149.99. For that tiny sum, you’ll get Heroic Kyros with an Ascendant Style Set, Epitaph weapon, emote, and mastery of his mystical power that increases echo capacity and stats. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like pay-to-win to me.

    Remember that the Wayfinder game is in early access, so that things may change during this period. For now, these are the only ways to unlock Kyrons in Wayfinder, both standard and heroic versions. If you want to spend more money on this game, you can also invest in Reward Tower. Besides the free tier, this also has a Paid Reward Tower and Premium Reward Tower. In early access, you’ll get entry to Paid Founder’s Season 1 Reward Tower.

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