Warzone players discover broken ‘instant dropshot’ mechanic for controller


    Modern Warfare 2 put a stop to a lot of Warzone’s cheesy mechanics like slide cancelling, but after months of movement drumming and innovative thinking, a new movement hack has been discovered – instant dropshots.

    Dropshots have been in Call of Duty since day dot. Going prone limits your enemy’s visibility and shortens your hitbox, albeit increasing the chances of being hit with critical headshots.

    Even more so since the emergence of Scuf’s and back paddles, dropshots are a must-need in your locker, and now, players have found a way to break the system with Warzone’s instant dropshot.

    New Warzone ‘instant dropshot’ is breaking ankles


    When Warzone 2 was first introduced alongside Modern Warfare 2, players quickly searched for an alternative to slide cancelling to widen the skill gap and find ways of out-manoeuvring the sentinels.

    One of the new forms of movement is coming to light for all players, as the instant dropshot has emerged. Even controller players are able to do it.

    The instant dropshot first emerged for keyboard and mouse players only, which proved uncommon for most players, but apparently, Twitter user “Dreamstrike” has found a way to hit the deck at breakneck speed and bamboozle enemies.

    The mechanic supercharges the prone movement by making it twice as quick, which can be paired with a strafe jump to quickly confound the opposition.

    Warzone’s new instant dropshot widens the PC and Console skill gap 

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    Dreamstrike’s method to allow controller players to use this involves PC gaming, where you can bind the “prone” setting to one button by overclocking the crouch or melee button (for example), and pairing it with Tac Sprint to bellyflop and return upright in less than a second. 

    Alternatively, controller players can also do the same with foot pedals. But there’s some bad news for console players, as these gizmos won’t work on the standard Xbox and PlayStations, as you need to bind a PC-only Prone button. Even if you have a foot pedal or even Scuf back pads, you won’t be able to do the mechanic this quickly. 

    PC gamers seem to be getting all of the buffs in Warzone as of late, so you might now need to keep your wits about you if you’re on console, and keep an eye out for bellyflopping Black Noir skins.


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