Warzone has a weapon bloat problem and ‘Carry Forward’ doesn’t help


    Call of Duty’s dependence on CoD HQ is causing an interesting problem: the ability to carry over all content from previous games to the next installment in the series. While this may seem harmless and irrelevant on the surface, it is a serious problem for the future health of Warzone.

    What is the Call of Duty Carry Forward initiative?

    The main point of contention is the Carry Forward initiative introduced in Modern Warfare 2 (2022) that allows weapons, skins, operators and more to be transferred between Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 and other future games. On the positive side, Black Ops 6 has confirmed that it will not include any content from the Modern Warfare series in Campaign, Zombies, and Multiplayer, but all BO6 content will be integrated into Warzone.

    Carry Forward is always a divisive issue with two sides hitting each other with fists. On one hand, players want to keep their skins and all the operators they purchased from the CoD store, while the other half wants to prioritize better gameplay and reduce bloat.

    The problem of moving all content to Warzone

    The problem arises when you realize that 95% of the weapons in Warzone are not used. It’s also ridiculous how weak Modern Warfare 2’s weapons are compared to their Modern Warfare 3 counterparts. Warzone’s current meta is a few specific weapons and using anything else is tantamount to throwing your chances of winning into the biggest dumpster. nearby. From a design perspective, new is always better than old; When considering weapons, each weapon is specifically designed to be stronger than the previous ones. Nobody wants to design something that is not used and what better way than to make it the de facto best? Everything comes back to square one when the next update arrives and older content becomes redundant. Black Ops 6 will have a new movement system, new weapons, new perks, and new everything, and then all that good stuff will go straight to Warzone, where it will undoubtedly push the content of MW2 and MW3 into a corner of irrelevance.

    I can sympathize with the half who wants to keep their skins, blueprints, and all those purchased or earned cosmetics; No one wants to admit that their cosmetics won’t last forever. This is a problem with the online landscape as a whole: every cosmetic you earn doesn’t really exist. The moment the game dies and the servers go down, you will no longer be able to access your coolest skin or favorite weapon. Unfortunately, this is the reality of our world and I respect Activision’s attempt to keep as much purchased content alive for as long as possible for its community. However, let’s not forget that it is in Activision’s best interest to allow you to keep your cosmetics; The moment players realize that the store’s sleek look will only last the next three months, those cosmetics suddenly become less attractive and in-game revenue takes a huge hit.

    Recently, the Kar98k has just resurfaced in Warzone and it has been both a blessing and a nightmare. Using the gun feels amazing (if a little overpowered), but dying with its sticky aim assist and one-shot damage isn’t exactly fun. The release of Black Ops 6 will see a slew of updated weaponry that will change the Warzsone meta instantly and force players to either adapt or be carried away by a player using the latest ridiculous skin. During the Black Ops 6 livestream on June 9, developers Treyarch Studios spoke specifically about their expectations for weaponry; ensuring that each one would be designed based on one of three pillars: executors, reconnaissance and strategist. The problem is that no weapons from MW2 or MW3 were designed with this in mind, so it can only cause balance problems in the future.

    When Modern Warfare 2 announced all my skin progress and one or two store packs I purchased were transferring over to Modern Warfare 3, I was pleased; I supported the decision as it wouldn’t hurt for players to have more options. Unfortunately, that choice is immediately eliminated by the power of the MW3 weaponry. To this day I’ve never touched a MW2 weapon since the release of Modern Warfare 3, so I’m wondering what the point is in continuing with all the content if most of it isn’t worth it.

    At the end of the day, there is no solution that meets everyone’s expectations. Activision has the option to continue with the status quo, ensuring that as much content is saved from game to game, or wipe the slate clean after each new installment. I’m sick of seeing crazy emoji characters and my favorite weapons being useless; but this is the reality in Warzone and I don’t expect things to change for a long time, if ever.

    That’s my complaint about Warzone’s bloat issue. If you’re looking for similar Call of Duty content, check out Call of Duty’s Lag Situation Is Only Getting Worse and Needs to be Fixed, CoD Fallout Pack Labeled ‘Lazy’ by Fans, and more at Pro Gaming Guides.

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