Warzone 2 YouTuber Unhappy With Recent Changes Responds To Activision


    Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 3 has arrived with massive changes to gameplay, bringing new cosmetics, weapons, tools, and other gear. With these seasonal updates, players can also see various gameplay changes that fix different crashes, bugs, and other issues. However, the Warzone community feels unhappy and mostly ignored as experts point out some of the major drawbacks of the popular battle royale.

    In a recent Twitter post, Warzone YouTuber @iamexpel highlighted some of the features developers need to implement in Warzone 2. Most of the points mentioned in the post reflect the current state of the game and how it could be improved with community suggestions. The YouTuber also compared Warzone 2’s servers to Fortnite’s, highlighting the issues players are facing with out-of-sync and higher tick rates.

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    Some of the points @ExpelGG Highlights include regular updates to fix bugs, add more buy stations, and optimize footstep audio. Prior to the release of Warzone 2, the community watched the creators test the game and Expel mentions that this should be done with every update. He mentions that developers can allow 300 creators to test the new season a week before its release, and this way they can identify problems early on.

    The creator also mentioned that developers need to build a strong line of communication with the community, and this can be done in a number of ways, including in-game polls, like it’s done in Fortnite and Apex Legends. These changes highlighted by Expel are things all gamers can relate to as most of us face these issues while playing Warzone 2.

    As regular Warzone 2 players, we’ve been used to high tick rates, out of sync, and audio issues since the game first came out. At some point, everyone has left the wrath of Warzone 2 after unfairly dying before opponents. Some firefights even make it feel like you and your teammates never had a chance due to these persistent issues. While there is no official comment from the developers, the community is hoping to see some of these changes in the game, ideally before Season 3 Reloaded drops.

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