Warzone 2 leak hints next new map will not be desert setting



    With all the news and details dropping about Modern Warfare 3, the focus for a lot of Call of Duty fans has been on the upcoming multiplayer title.

    However, Warzone 2 players are still eagerly waiting for the next big content drop and for a lot of the community, the only addition they want is another large-scale BR map.

    While Vondel has been immensely popular and received a huge amount of praise, WZ2 fans want another Al Mazrah-sized map.

    Well, some more information about the upcoming map has been revealed, and it’s great news for those who want a change in scenery from the desert landscape of Al Mazrah.

    Warzone 2 Leak reveals next map will not be “desert” setting

    Taking to Twitter on August 20, popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone revealed some key information about the next Warzone 2 map.

    According to them, the leaks indicate that the next “Warzone map will NOT be in a desert setting,” which is brilliant news for fans seeking a change in scenery.

    Despite details being limited at the moment, they made it clear that the leaks indicate that “there will be plenty of green to look at.” This hints at a jungle or rural landscape for competitors to battle across, but we’ll have to wait for official information from Call of Duty to be sure.

    When will new Warzone 2 map be released?

    Warzone 2 map

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    According to Insider Gaming, the next map will be called Las Almas and is set to release with MW3 Season 1 on December 5, 2023. It was assumed the area was primarily going to be a desert landscape, but that’s now been called into question.

    Whether the devs have pivoted on the design or if they’ll be a mixture of both desert and rural areas remains to be seen, but excitement is certainly growing for the new map.

    Whatever the scenery ends up being, let’s hope the devs can deliver a brilliant BR map that can rival Al Mazrah, and maybe even the iconic Verdansk.



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