Wartels – The Ultimate Career Guide


    Dive into the world of Wartellus with our comprehensive guide to professions, specially designed to enhance your gameplay experience. Discover the unique strengths and synergies of each profession, and learn how to assemble a strong party by choosing the right combination of classes and builds. This guide covers everything from the basics of each profession to advanced strategies, offering valuable insights and strategies for both beginners and experienced players alike. Join us in exploring the depths of Wartellus, and unlock the true potential of your characters with the help of our Mastering Professions Guide.

    The definitive guide for all professions

    The chemist

    This profession enables you to craft useful recipes and items used during battle. You can start it in clinic cities with pharmacy. Of course, as with the creation of equipment in the forge, you must first gather the right ingredients and recipes. This profession will enhance your skills.

    • Great for utility units like poisoners or strategists.
    • Offers extra skill but has a weak stat spread.
    • Alchemists can create potions and poisons that can destroy enemies or buff allies.


    The name of this profession speaks for itself. If you assign it to a character, you’ll be able to catch fish in fisheries or in specific water spots (you’ll recognize them by their lights). Of course, you also need fish hooks (you can make them in the workshop).

    This profession grants a bonus to Willpower, and also to Critical Hit at higher levels. So give it to an archer or a scout.

    Fishing also requires you to complete a mini-game. It is like many other fishing games. You cannot let the marker leave the protected field.

    • Best for DPS units that focus on critical hit chance, such as archers, cutthroat rangers, or melee DPS.
    • Anglers are skilled at finding and catching fish, which can be valuable resources.
    • Their fishing abilities can also provide buffs to the party.


    It is a profession that requires a workshop (camp). In this you must, after opening the appropriate instructions, make lutes. Bard enables you to learn various songs, as long as you meet certain conditions. Once you learn them, you can sing them later in the inn. It includes a mini-game – you have to press the buttons on the lute at the right time. It requires a lot of skill. You will get money and influence for it. This profession will be included in your constitution.

    • Suitable for off-tanking or tanking units such as defenders or repost duelists.
    • Provides additional Constitution and Willpower.
    • Bards can support the party with their music, enhancing the abilities of allies.


    One of the basic occupations. Go to the forge and use the anvil to unlock it. A character in this profession can craft various pieces of equipment thanks to the materials you acquire along the way.

    An important aspect of the class is its bonus to strength. So it’s worth it for the profession to play a role that focuses on fighting with two-handed weapons.

    Of course, you won’t make the best items from scratch. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock recipes for items, which you can then craft.

    Crafting is linked to a simple mini-game that involves clicking on items highlighted on an anvil. If you manage to make it all the way, you’ll get better quality items. It’s worth keeping this in mind and saving the game before creating more valuable inventory items.

    • Recommended for melee units such as brutes, spearmen, or warriors that reduce power.
    • Provides extra power, although the stat spread is much smaller.
    • Blacksmiths can craft and repair weapons and armor, improving the party’s overall effectiveness.

    to cook

    There is another occupation associated with cook camp. As the name suggests prepares food from raw ingredients. It is worth doing, as such food is more nutritious. To discover this profession you have to make a cooking pot in the workshop. This profession will increase your constitution.

    • Ideal for dedicated tanks.
    • Gives an important boost to the Constitution.
    • Chefs can prepare food that grants buffs and heals the party.


    In Wartales you can also find mines. And it is there that you will begin the profession of a miner. This enables you to get valuable resources. This profession gives a bonus to constitution. However, at higher levels you also gain power.

    This occupation is connected to the same mini-game as chopping wood – you have to press the mouse button at the right time.

    • Ideal for melee DPS or off-tank.
    • Provides additional Constitution and Strength.
    • Miners can collect precious ores and gems, which can be used to craft powerful items.


    This profession is related to graves. The scholar is able to study the various codices through the runes. Eventually, the character is able to create powerful items using them. To be able to use this profession you must build a lectern in the camp using the workshop. The passive bonus from this profession is Willpower.

    • Ideal for support rangers or spearmen.
    • Gives extra willpower.
    • Scholars specialize in providing strategic benefits and support to the party.


    A profession related to party maintenance. This is the only profession available from the start of the game, with its associated workshop in the camp.

    The role assigned to this position creates useful tools and structures. Because of the critical hit bonus, it’s worth giving to an archer or scout.

    • Recommended for high crit builds like Damage Archers, Damage Rangers, or DPS Melee builds.
    • Tinkerers specialize in making and repairing gadgets, which can be useful in a variety of situations.
    • They can also set traps and use gadgets for crowd control.


    In the game, you will sometimes encounter different locked chests. You can open them, assuming you have the lockpick. You will prepare it in the workshop. It is linked to a mini-game that involves a puck.

    You can also try to steal from the characters you encounter in the game. However, this is associated with increased skepticism. The same goes for taking other people’s goods from containers. This profession will give your character a skill bonus.

    • Suitable for Archers or Rangers with a DPS build.
    • Provides additional dexterity and critical hit chance.
    • Thieves excel at stealth, pickpocketing, and lockpicking, which can be useful for obtaining resources and gaining an advantage in combat.


    Defender/Repost Duelist (Tank/Off Tank):

    • Bard: Offers extra Constitution and Willpower.
    • Cook: Gives a major boost to the Constitution.
    • Miner: Gives extra constitution and strength.

    Support Rangers/Spearmen:

    • Scholar: Grants additional Willpower.
    • Alchemist: Offers additional skill, suitable for utility units.

    Archers / Cutthroat Rangers / Melee DPS:

    • Angler: Increases critical hit chance.
    • Tinkerer: Ideal for high crit builds.
    • Thief: Provides additional skill and critical hit chance.

    Brutes/Spearmen/Warriors (Melee Units):

    • Blacksmith: Offers extra strength.
    • Minor: Provides additional Constitution and Strength.


    By considering the strengths and weaknesses of each profession, you can create a good team that complements each other’s skills. Remember that coordination between professions and classes is essential for a successful Wartels experience. Experiment with different combinations and find the most effective setup for your playstyle.


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