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    Much of Wartales sees him wandering the lands competing in quests and seeking adventure in a war-torn medieval setting. You’ll build your squad and match your wits against your enemies in turn-based battles reminiscent of the XCOM series. But sometimes you’ll discover a dungeon to delve into and these can offer some slightly different challenges. One of the first is this tomb. If you’re having trouble with the Tiltren’s Tomb puzzle, we’re here to help with this Wartales walkthrough.

    How to complete the Tiltren’s Tomb puzzle

    Once deep in the grave, you will find yourself a door you can’t get through. To continue you will need to have found three colored symbols They are spread over different rooms of the tomb. The symbols themselves will be different each time, but once you have them you can solve the puzzle and progress. You will find the three symbol locations below.

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    How to find Tiltren’s grave puzzle in Wartales

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    If you’re looking to go to Tiltren Tomb for the first time, you’ll find it southwest of Stromkapp. Follow the road that leads southwest from the village, then take the first left heading south. Pass the Old Wilburt Fishery and the Pedra Mountain Mine, then head southwest off the road and into the woods. Tiltren’s Tomb is on the south side of those woods.

    What you’ll need to solve Tiltren’s Tomb puzzle

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    There is an NPC, Serlham, outside the entrance. He can I sell torches that you’ll need inside if you can’t make them yourself. We suggest taking six torches. You’ll need at least three torches to complete the movement parts of the Tiltren’s Tomb puzzle, plus a few extra to equip the Rangers (in their free hand) to make the battles inside that much easier. Note that your Fatigue bar has a Light meter under him while he was inside the tomb. If it runs out, you’ll run outside. However, you can camp inside the tomb, so if you have the right materials, you can craft more torches as you need them.

    You will have opportunities to take Scholar and Bard professions while running, but they are only required for optional content, so it depends on the size of your party. you will need a Miner in the final room, and they’ll also come in handy at another point during the dungeon, but that’s the only must-have (you can switch to the Miner profession with any of your companions when the time comes if you don’t have one, so don’t panic) . Finally, before entering, equip torches to companions who have a free hand (usually Rangers). One for every three or four teammates should work fine.

    How to find the first puzzle symbol in Tiltren Tomb

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    Proceed from the first room (there is only one exit, the right) into a room with three exits: left, right, and forward. There is a chest in the middle of the room, but you won’t be able to open it until you are exiting later.

    Explore the room to your right and shine the light. in the upper left part of the room to see a blue symbol. This is the first of the three symbols you will need to find in order to complete the Tiltren’s Tomb puzzle. Make a note of it, as this will be a different symbol each time you go to the Tomb in a game.

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    Optional Content: The Bard’s Challenge

    There is also a statue in the room. If you inspect it, you will open the bardic profession. If you assign one of your companions to be a Bard, they’ll start a Rock Star-style minigame. This can give you some nice rewards, depending on how well they do, but it’s there’s no need for completing the puzzle and you can come back later and complete it at any time.

    How to find the second puzzle symbol in Tiltren Tomb

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    Go back to the central room, then go left by moving cautiously (if you run, you will have to deal with an animal injury). Shine your light into the center foreground of the room to find a yellow symbol painted on the ground. Once again, write it down for later.

    Optional Content: The Sliding Puzzle Challenge

    You will find a puzzle on the wall. When you inspect it, you will need your Scholar complete the sliding puzzle. Move the tiles to complete the pattern of the mountain. The settings will be different for each player, so we can’t give you a solution. If you are having difficulty, you can exit the puzzle to find an NPC who is ready to solve it for you, for a price. Once completed, you will be informed that you have discovered the mountain rune (this is for research, not a physical item).

    How to find the third puzzle symbol in Tiltren Tomb

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    Return to the central room, then head forward down the final path. you will have a battle with creepers and mole rats largely in the dark, which is where the equipped torches they are useful (you can also equip them once the battle starts, but only in turn order).

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    If you don’t equip torches, your enemies will have the buff of brutality (+30 percent damage dealt) but while they’re on, they’ll instead have the Fragility Disadvantage (+30 percent damage taken) making things a lot easier. At the end of the battle, you’ll be able to shine your light around the room to reveal a red symbol on a rock, which you once again need to score.

    Optional content: Examining the Mural

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    There is a large mural on the wall. If you inspect it, shine your light in the upper right corner, there is a rune sticking out. Hover your mouse over it and a green circle will appear. When the circle is complete, you will have investigated the performance rune.

    How to complete the closed door puzzle

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    Exit the mural room for breaking the tunnel to your right if you have a Miner, which will get you some XP. If you sneak around, you’ll take injuries but no light losses (but you’ll need a miner later anyway). In the next room, there is a lock mechanism to the right of a huge door. you will need your Scholar to solve the door puzzle. Enter the colored symbols you have noted into the blocking mechanism to move forward.

    Optional Content: The Chest Key and more

    Search the corpse in the middle of the room to find as few torches and a raw key (which opens the chest in the first room on your way out). If you’ve made it this far, you’ll now be good to illuminate the rest of the tomb. There’s a Urn to the right of the room with a few more items, plus a locked chest that you can block

    The last room of the tomb.

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    When you walk out the door you opened, you will face another battle of vines very similar to the first. Once victorious, you will be in a room containing an ornate tomb. TO Miner is required to open it, after which you can loot the coffin for Tiltren’s Tomb complete. Head back through the rooms and you’re done.

    Can re-enter the grave at any time to complete anything you don’t do the first time. Movement will cost you one light per room visited, there will be no battles, but you can complete any optional content that you didn’t complete the first time.

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