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    Wartales, a gritty medieval RPG, sees you assembling a band of companions to scour the countryside in search of adventure. As your squad completes missions and battles enemies and learns more about the basics, you’ll start to see relationships blossom between your party members. These can lead to some useful bonuses, so if you want to know how to best nurture these friendships, check out our Wartales relationship guide below.

    How do you improve relationships in Wartales?

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    There are two main ways to improve relationships in Wartales that happen in combat or in camp. As long as two characters fight side by side in a battle, kill an opponent someone is engaged to, or heal a partner, they have the opportunity to improve their relationship. Then, at night, when the characters are they sat together around the campfireyour relationships will slowly improve.

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    You will also occasionally get a campfire interaction event (one character will have a ? on top of them after resting) happening in the end of a break in the camp. These will give you three options, which will sometimes increase relationships, while other options can open up new traits (be careful, as traits can also be negative). If characters are not assigned to work stations, make sure all four campfire spaces are filled.

    Can you damage relationships in Wartales?

    The only way to diminish the relationship between the two characters in Wartales is if something goes wrong on the battlefield. The most common ways for this to happen are from a Archer shooting a teammateaccidentally damaging an ally with a two handed weaponor in a similar way AOE Strike of a thrown object. Any of these can reduce your marital status by one.

    Relationship Bonuses Explained

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    If you like check relationships among your companions, open their character file and click on the relations icon (a face with a green number on one side and red on the other) in the bottom left of the box. Once a relationship is formed between two characters, they receive bonuses when interacting in combat and in camp. There are three levels of relationship:

    • Tastes: bonus +1
    • mistress: bonus +2
    • adores: bonus +3

    Similarly, a negative relationship will create a penalty fee of -1 or -2.

    Bonuses are applied as extra damage in battle if friends are fighting side by side while at camp you can Increase performance of certain tasks. So if two partners don’t like each other, keep them apart on the battlefield until your relationship improves. Also, keep in mind that when two partners have they declared their love (worship) one for the other you will receive the I achieve soul mates.

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