Wartales Profession Switching and Multiple Professions, Explained


    Wartales turn-based strategy RPG is a complex game of managing a group of companions as they explore a medieval land in search of adventure. While winning battles is a key element to success, the importance of gathering and crafting cannot be underestimated. But if you prefer to have a smaller group of escorts, it can be difficult to cover all the important professions. But all is not lost, as here you will find an explanation on how to change professions and have multiple professions in Wartales.

    Can you have multiple professions in Wartales?

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    The good news is that yes, you can have several professions in every companion in Wartales. When you change, you lose all your experience about him current level you eat. Therefore, if you are an experienced cook and stop being a cook and then go back to being a cook, you will still be an experienced cook, but you will have to start gaining experience for the next level again. This means that if you master a skill, you won’t lose anything. This also means that the best time to switch is right after you gain a new level, to keep experience loss to a minimum.

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    How do you change profession in Wartales?

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    If you want to change a character’s profession, simply open your character sheet and right click on your current profession icon (top right, next to his name). Next, select the profession you want to change to. You will get a notice saying you will lose all experience gained at its current level (see above). If you agree with that, click OK to change profession. Keep in mind that you will only get the bonus from your current profession.

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