Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

This is an advanced and detailed WHC + Rapier guide by Velsix, a player with 50+ Cata true solos.


This guide covers using the Rapier on WHC (Witch Hunter Captain).

About The Author

I have quite a few hours in the game (too many) and have done 50+ Cata true solos, many of which were on Deathwish. I have done a Deathwish Onslaught Cata 1 true solo. I true soloed Convocation of Decay on Cata Deathwish as WHC before the event was nerfed, and have true soloed Enchanter’s Lair on Cata Deathwish as WHC. I was a part of team Nocomms (no voice chat) in the fifth season of the Onslaught Series were we placed third. My duo partner LordGiggles and I won the Onslaught Series duo tourney. I am Velsix on YouTube and Discord, and GeneralAuthority on Steam.


All of the videos embedded in this guide are recorded with the mod Deathwish on, which massively increases the stagger resistances of enemies. My key inputs are shown in the recordings. Shift is my tag key, spacebar is my dodge key and mouse middle button is my weapon special attack key.

The four sections ahead detail WHC & Rapier basics.

– General Terminology

  • Pressure refers to the amount of risk and danger a player is in. An example of low pressure is a standard horde being fought with a full team. An example of high pressure is two players fighting a horde with elite waves + boss + specials + ambient elites, with no items left. Clutch gameplay generally falls under high pressure.
  • Aggro capacity refers to how many enemies can target a player before the player is forced to block, kite and otherwise lower their own damage with defensive gameplay. This is directly linked to the ultimates, perks, passive abilities of careers, the weapons chosen for a mission and the skill level of the player.
  • Density refers to the amount of enemies in an area. High density means enemies are clumped up/packed tightly.
  • A move tech is a sequence of attacks, a single attack or a combination of actions that increase the player’s speed. A common example of this is Light 1 > Block Cancel with Mace & Sword.

– WHC Facts & Rapier Synergies


  • Killing Shot works with ranged attacks and at any distance.
  • Every enemy except for Chaos Warriors, Wargors (Banner carriers), bosses and lords count as mansized. This means Killing Shot will instantly slay Maulers, Bestigors etc.
  • WHC has two unlisted perks. One is called Sigmar’s Charm and increases headshot damage bonus by 25% *. The other perk is called Sigmar’s Charm and increases crit chance by 5%.
  • The Rapier is Saltzpyre’s fastest melee weapon. This makes it good for fishing for crits to proc Killing Shot.
  • Eternal Guard only works on attacks coming from the front that would deal one half of stamina damage before BCR and a weapon’s innate block cost are calculated. When reviving, the direction the player’s camera is facing is considered the front, not the character’s player model’s direction. While reviving the player should turn their camera to face incoming attacks.


  • WHC has a decently high aggro capacity at base and performs decently under pressure. The Rapier performs well under pressure and has a high aggro capacity. When combined with WHC’s high headshot damage and ability to clear enemies, good attack speed thanks to Heretic Sighted and great Swift Slaying uptime because of crit chance, and Charmed Life, WHC + Rapier ends up having one of the highest aggro capacities in the game, even on Deathwish, as they are able to sneak in attacks in moments that would result in taking damage for other setups. This is skill dependant.
  • WHC clutching can often look more like killing everything in the way and then reviving, rather than the classic going straight for the team rescues. This is because WHC does not have a movement ult and has to rely on their dodge range and ult, with WHC’s ult having less stagger strength than Merc’s because unlike Merc, WHC does not have any unique sources of power.

* Note: Weapons have their base damage and then a headshot damage bonus. For example, a sword might have 10 base damage and 5 bonus headshot damage. This means a headshot with said sword will deal 15 damage. Power of Sigmar only increases the bonus headshot damage (in the example that’s 5). This applies to Deathknell as well, but not Assassin as Assassin is 40% more total damage/stagger state 2. Power of Sigmar (inbuilt headshot perk) benefits the Rapier more than Saltz’ other weapons because of the Rapier’s high headshot damage bonus.

– How to Use the Rapier — Basics


  • A safe, default approach to fighting hordes is Push Attack > 4x Light Attack, dodging sideways every 3 or 4 attacks and throwing in extra pushes as necessary for incoming enemy strikes. This approach will preserve stamina.
  • When focusing elites down in a horde, be mindful of allies and provide crowd control for them as necessary. Mixing in pushes/Push Attacks between charged attacks can help allies a lot.

Combat Style and Capabilities

Thought Kerillian’s weapons were fast? The Rapier is so fast and does so much critical damage it’s safe to assume Saltz’ is more elf than Kerillian.

The Rapier is often viewed as a safe, low damage weapon. While it is true it is very safe, it has high headshot damage, and its safety is more about enabling extreme offense and hyper aggressive gameplay. WHC furthers the offense aspect of Rapier. Eternal Guard stacks well with the Rapier’s strong blocking capabilities, letting WHC be wildly aggressive against a horde, but only if they do not get surrounded and they pay close attention to enemy attacks, especially elite overheads.

It may be tempting to hold block for extended periods of time because of the Rapier’s strong block and good movement speed while blocking, but I highly encourage timing blocks and taking risks instead. It leads to dealing more damage and overtime will result in taking less damage because of increased mobility from blocking less often. This is where the Rapier beats the Billhook and AnF in damage, especially on Deathwish, because it can simply attack far more often under greater levels of pressure and against greater numbers of enemies. It is not superior dps however.

Note: Damage-wise at a high headshot % (roughly 35%, this is actually a high headshot %), the Rapier is one of WHC’s highest overall single target dps weapons, with the exception of Billhook’s Heavy Stab > Animation Cancel being higher dps on monsters, and Axe & Falchion having better combo breakpoints/better dps with Flense. Which weapon will be the highest effective dps can be dependant on the health of an enemy, and in most cases all three weapons are high damage regardless.

– Rapier’s Characteristics

The Rapier has:

  • A dodge count of 6
  • A dodge range of 1.25.
  • An inner block angle block cost of 0.25. Note: Most weapons have an inner block angle cost of 0.5. Lower is better.
  • An outer block angle block cost of 2.0 (this is what most weapons have).
  • A normal push/block angle of 90 degrees.
  • A standard amount stamina at 6 points of stamina (3 stamina shield)
  • Half-cost pushes. Note these have low stagger strength.
  • A small amount of movement speed reduction while blocking (movement speed goes down from 100% to 85%). For most weapons this value is around 75%. Higher is better.
  • Above average reach for a fast one-handed weapon.
  • Fantastic attack speed.
  • Very low stagger on all attacks except for the special attack.
  • Low bodyshot damage, but high headshot damage.

Attacks Overview

  • The Rapier has three light attacks in its light chain and a Push Attack. The Push Attack and Lights 1 & 2 are nearly identical, while Light 3 is an upsweep that chains back into Light 2. The attacks are referred to in this guide as:
    — Light 1 (L1)
    — Light 2 (L2)
    — Light 3 (L3)
    — Push Attack (PA)
  • The Rapier’s charged attack has three different animation, but all of these attacks are identical. However, the charged stab can be fully or partially charged. The partially charged stab is often referred to as a partial or C1, while the fully charged stab is often referred to as a full charge or C2.
  • The Rapier’s sidearm pistol can be used with the special attack keybinding. This is often referred to as the Rapier’s special attack, its pistol attack or its sidearm attack.

The following three section explain all of the Rapier’s attacks in detail.

– Light Attacks — Which to Use & When

  • The light attacks have a tiny amount of movement speed slowdown.
  • Light 1 and 2 are identical. The Push Attack itself is faster than the other lights.
  • There is a delay to swapping to another weapon/item after performing a push attack. This can be skipped by doing another light attack or by blocking.
  • Light 3 is an upsweep, but the angle is slightly more shallow than the other light attacks.
  • Block Cancelling is blocking during or after an attack to reset back to the initial attack choices. This introduces a brief period in which block cannot be raised again.
  • The Rapier’s Push Attack can be used to reset to the first light attack. Like most push attacks, the Rapier’s push attack cannot be block cancelled during its animation.


  • 2x Light > Block Cancel (2LB) and Push Attack > 2x Light (PA2)
  • 3x Light > Block Cancel (3LB) and Push Attack > 3x Light (PA3)
  • 4x Light > Block Cancel (4LB) and Push Attack > 4x Light (PA4) etc. (such as PA5/5LB)
  • Infinite Light Chaining (ILC)

The below video has all of the above light attack sequences as chapters, except for ILC which I believe is a self-explanatory sequence.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Rapier Light Attack Sequences — Vermintide 2 

Views: 684

For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier guide video playlist:…

Note: The important/best general attack chains are displayed as bold text. I highly recommend mixing attack sequences together. A good mix is Push Attack > 2x Light Attack > Block Cancel > 2x Light and repeat from the start (PA2 into 2LB).

Block Cancel vs Push Attack

Sequences with block cancels are always higher dps on enemies that the Rapier cannot stagger or cleave and still cannot cleave when they are staggered.

Sequences with push attacks will be higher dps when staggering staggerable enemies will let the Rapier cleave an additional enemy. The Block Cancel version of a sequence is generally less safe than Push Attack version of it.

For Damage

2LB/PA2 is the highest dps sequence. Note the Push Attack version (PA2) is only slightly higher dps than PA4, but significantly more stamina intensive. Both versions of this sequence introduce the most frequent pushing/block cancelling.

PA2 is still fairly safe because the push provides crowd control on staggerable enemies, but 2LB is more dangerous. However, 2LB is the highest raw dps sequence, and the jump from PA2 to 2LB is much higher than the jump from PA4 to PA2.

Mixed Benefit

3LB/PA3 is slightly higher dps than PA4, slightly less than PA2. It’s between PA2 and PA4 in terms of what it achieves.

For Safety

4LB/PA4 is a safe default attack sequence that has few points of vulnerability where the player cannot raise block, while still being higher raw dps than ILC in most cases.

The Push Attack version of this sequence will allow stamina to recover to full with just 30% Stamina Recovery even while at 40% attack speed, while the Push Attack versions of other sequences will not do so as consistently.

For Niche Moments

ILC is for when enemies are on a slope, which enables the 3rd light to score multiple headshots. It otherwise has lowest dps of all of the sequences.

Note: It is true the dps difference between each step is minor, such as from 4xPA to 3xPA is minor, but there is a still a difference. These small amounts add up. The dps difference between between ILC (lowest) and 2xLB (highest) can end up being significant.

– Charged Attacks — Techs & Details

There are two levels of charged attack – The 1st Level Charged Attack, and the 2nd Level Charged Attack. The 2nd level does more damage and takes longer to charge. The Rapier has reached the 2nd level when Saltz’ arm/the Rapier starts shaking.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Fully Charging vs Quick Charging the Rapier — Vermintide 2 

Views: 1,440

The Rapier’s charged stab has two levels of charge. The second level takes longer to reach but does more damage. When the Rapier starts shaking, it has reached the full charge state.

Like with all charged attacks, the player cannot block, perform a light attack or switch to another weapon after the Rapier’s charged attack has been released until the charged attack’s animation has finished.

1st Level vs 2nd Charged Attacks

  • Use the 2nd level charged attack when it feels safe enough to do so. At medium levels of pressure, use the 1st level charged attack. Try to use the charged attacks in risky situations and push your own timing to avoid damage at the last moment. This will be rewarding in the long run.
  • When there is not enough time for a 1st level charged attack, use light attacks, aiming for headshots. When there is so little time, use the Push Attack, pushing just as an attack hits block to get the Push Attack itself out immediately afterwards.

Note: For Cata 3, even with Deathknell, at 20% crit chance it is generally not worth doing the 2nd level charge except for style purposes because of Killing Shot scaling well with the health increases, making light attack spam optimal (do keep using the 2nd level charge vs Chaos Warriors, Wargors, berserkers and monsters/lords). However, the 1st level charge can be used instead of light attack spam at minimal cost due to it being faster than the 2nd level charge. Light spam is still optimal, but partials are worthwhile and, in my opinion, more fun. I recommend 1/2 of attacks being lights, 1/3 being 1st level charges, and the rest being full charges. Try to mix attacks in, and do what feels right at the moment, even if it means taking on more risk.



Barring Killing Shot interactions on Cata 3, 2nd Level Charged Attacks are the Rapier’s highest single target damage vs all targets, followed by 1st Level Charged Attacks and then by 2x Light > Block Cancel.

Block Delay Skip

Both levels of charged attack have a block delay afterwards, but no light attack delay. The Rapier’s light attacks have no block delay. This means that immediately inputing a light attack after a charged attack finishes, and then blocking, bypasses the block delay.


The charged attacks boost movement speed at 20% and higher attack speed. Dodging at the end of a charged attack skips the charged attack’s movement speed slow down at the end, and effectively creates a large dodge-like movement. This is particularly useful when fighting enemies that spam attacks that have limited tracking, like Chaos Warriors spamming overheads, especially when they are in high numbers. This is important for fighting Chaos Warrior patrols. This technique can also be used as an out of combat movetech. Shown below:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Rapier Move Tech — Vermintide 2 

Views: 1,073

The Rapier can move a greater distance by timing a dodge at the end of a charged attack. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier…

Note: It is easy to run out of dodge when performing this move tech at high attack speed. Try to be mindful of dodge count.


The first level of the charged attack is the fastest charged attack in the game, and can be used under high pressure. The 1st level charged attack is actually faster than even two Rapier lights.

– Special Attack — What It Is & Can Do

The Rapier’s sidearm pistol can be used with the special attack keybinding. It does less damage than a shot from Brace of Pistols and has significant damage dropoff at distance as well as a small delaying from pressing the button to it firing, but can kill several enemy types at close range or do significant damage on headshot.

While this cannot be seen in the linked videos because Deathwish is activated, the sidearm has high stagger strength and can be used to safely stagger Maulers. It costs no ammunition and can be fired infinitely, but there is a small cooldown period after firing it.

It can be used while blocking.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Shoot and Block — Vermintide 2 

Views: 514

The Rapier’s sidearm can be used while blocking. The special attack is activated with the special attack keybinding. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam:…

It can be used in tandem with a ranged weapon, with the Rapier sidearm damaging an enemy for the ranged weapon to finish it off and vice-versa,

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Brace of Pistols + Rapier Pistol Combo — Vermintide 2 

Views: 534

The Rapier’s pistol can be used to quickly damage or finish off a target shot at by Brace of Pistols and vice versa. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam:…

It can trigger Killing Shot at any distance like a ranged weapon.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Killing Shot Works at Any Distance — Vermintide 2 

Views: 321

The Rapier’s sidearm has very steep damage dropoff at long range. It does good damage to infantry on bodyshot and regular armour on headshot at close range, terrible damage to superarmour at any…

Advanced Combat & Application

The next five sections cover how to fight hordes, positioning, mobility, tactics vs specific enemies and how to headshot with the Rapier.

– Mobility — Dodging and Movement


Generally speaking, it’s best to dodge near the end of an enemy swing. Not too late though, otherwise the attack will land, unless the player’s dodge range is very high (high dodge range means equally high dodge speed in 99% of cases).

Practice dodging side to side instead of away from hordes. This will decreases the number of running attacks, but it won’t stop them completely. Sometimes dodging away and diagonally is still necessary to avoid becoming surrounding.


Do not be afraid to quickly chain several dodges when it is necessary, but be wary of running out of dodges even with the Rapier’s high dodge count of 6.

Pushing with the Rapier gives a small movement speed boost.

Please see the Charged Attacks section’s Mobility heading for details on the Rapier’s charged attack move tech.

– Hordes — Positioning & Cleave


With Rapier, it’s often best to skirt the edges of a horde and trim away at it. This can be achieved by kiting towards low or medium density. However, because of the Rapier’s innate blocking capabilities, half-cost pushes and WHC’s Eternal Guard perk, it is still possible to fight a horde head on, which is effective at soaking more aggro.

Be more careful when fighting Chaos hordes. Their higher mass leads to them being harder to control with the Rapier’s cleave. In general, I recommend making sure kite paths/escape routes stay open while fighting Chaos. Against Skaven, the Rapier can hold ground well of their lower mass.

An important concept for WHC is dragging hordes. The player can move to a spot to get the horde to clump up at said spot, and then escape the horde at the last moment. This will lead to the rest of an area being free of enemies, or enemy density being lower outside of the spot enemies were dragged to. An example of this is explained at the start of my commentary of my Enchanter’s Lair WHC Deathwish Cata true solo:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Enchanter’s Lair Commentary True solo Deathwish Cata — Vermintide 2 

Views: 853

Link to the original run: https://youtu.be/IJ1PUK6tev4 Build used in the run: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/10/122212/32,1,4,6/19,3,5,7/3,2,1/1,4,2/7,2,3 This is a commentary of my WHC Enchanter’s Lair…

Controlling And Fighting

The higher the density of a horde is, the more defensive the player should be. If enemies are clumping up, mix in more pushes. At lower density, use less pushes.

Optimising Cleave

When fighting hordes, try to position near an amount of enemies where the Rapier will hit as many enemies as it can cleave, but no more than that. This will ensure it deals as much damage as possible at minimal risk. On Cata 1, the Rapier can hit two Marauders when the Marauders are staggered. On Cata 3, the Rapier’s lights are single target vs everything above Skavenslaves, Ungors and Fanatics because of Cata 3’s mass increase.

– Target Prioritisation

Since WHC has high versatility, they can focus on any type of enemy and do well. However, the WHC should generally focus on enemies in this order:

  1. Specials
  2. * Elites
  3. ** Monsters or horde

This is a general priority list and will depend on context. If surrounded, it would be better to focus on cutting a path through a horde to escape rather than killing elites.

* Monsters can be higher in priority than elites if other players on the team have high elite dps but lower monster dps than WHC with Rapier (such as GK with Exec but no double stab ult).

** If the team already has monster damage dealers such as Grail Knight with the double stab (Virtue of Audacity) or a Ranger Veteran with a MWP (Masterwork Pistol), then the WHC should focus on the hordes. Otherwise focus on the monsters.

– Tactics vs Specific Enemy Types

This sections contains pieces of advice for specific enemies and videos that demonstrate how to fight them.

Non-boss Enemies

Chaos Warriors

For single CWs (Chaos Warriors) use 2nd level charged attacks and try to stay in front of them or to their sides to land headshots. Aiming to the top left of a CW’s head is usually the most reliable way to land a headshot.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Headshoting Chaos Warriors With the Rapier — Vermintide 2 

Views: 554

Most of the time, looking up above the top left of a CW’s (Chaos Warrior) head will lead to a headshot. When on the right side of a CW, looking above the top right of their head is effective.

When fighting multiple CWs, use aforementioned charged attack and dodge movement technique (see the Charged Attacks section’s Mobility heading) to punish the slow and bad at tracking overhead attacks the Chaos Warriors spam.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Besting Chaos Warriors With a Rapier — Vermintide 2 

Views: 450

CWs (Chaos Warriors) will spam their running overhead when there’s a lot of them. The charged attack move tech is key for avoiding the overheads consistently while conserving dodges.

Note how the use of this technique makes it look like I’m sliding around. This is because there is less movement speed slow down.


SV (Stormvermin) are dangerous in high numbers. The charged attack move tech is still useful, but mixing in light attacks helps keep Swift Slaying up and procs Killing Shot faster.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Fighting Stormvermin as Witch Hunter Captain — Vermintide 2 

Views: 424

SV (Stormvermin) are dangerous in high numbers. The charged attack move tech is still useful, but mixing in light attacks helps keep Swift Slaying up and procs Killing Shot faster.

Shielded Stormvermin

2x Light > Special Attack, Push Attack > Light > Special Attack and Push Attack > 2x Light all force a SV (Stormvermin) to lower its shield. If Deathwish is not activated, making sure the Special Attack is the last attack to hit the shield will send the shielded SV into a longer stagger animation. On Deathwish, this does not happen. However, the Special Attack will cause a Shielded SV to stay staggered for longer if it is hit by it after its shield has dropped.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Shielded Stormvermin Rapier Technique — Vermintide 2 

Views: 336

Vs Shielded SV, the Rapier’s pistol will lower their shield quickly and keep it lowered for longer. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189…

Marauders with Shields (Bulwarks)

When fighting one shielded Marauder, Push Attack – Partial Stab headshot will deliver a swift kill. When fighting multiple, light attacks are more effective.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Marauders With Shields & the Rapier — Vermintide 2 

Views: 199

When fighting one shielded Marauder, Push Attack – Partial Stab headshot will deliver a swift kill. When fighting multiple, light attacks are more effective.

Note: For headshotting Marauders with Light Attacks, flick slightly to the left after hitting them with the first Light.


For all bosses, Riposte will make landing attacks between the boss’ own attacks more possible/safer. This is because Riposte gives guaranteed Swift Slaying procs, which means higher attack speed. Higher attack speed leads to be able to deliver strikes in increasingly small windows of opportunity. The below videos are not with Riposte.

Rat Ogre

At enough attack speed and movement speed it’s possible to avoid the Rat Ogre’s stationary attacks without dodging, but for the most part dodge dancing is best. Note the Rat Ogre often won’t do any attacks at all if the player simply walks backwards.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Witch Hunter Captain Hunting Rat Ogres — Vermintide 2 

Views: 335

Dodge dancing a Rat Ogre is effortless with the Rapier. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier guide video playlist:…


The high mobility of the Rapier lets its wielder gracefully avoid the Stormfiend’s attacks and swiftly manoeuvre behind the Stormfiend to strike its vulnerable controller.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Stormfiend vs the Rapier — Vermintide 2 

Views: 172

The Rapier’s mobility allows it to keep attacking the Stormfiend’s back. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier guide video…

Chaos Spawn

It is best to perform a light between each of the Chaos Spawn’s running triple slam attack swings. It is risky but reasonable to get a single light attack after the first slam of the quadruple slam running attack (a well-timed Push Attack can be safer).

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Purging a Chaos Spawn With Witch Hunting Tools — Vermintide 2 

Views: 277

There are small windows of opportunity between the chaotic onslaught of the Chaos Spawn. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier…

For the Spawn’s running triple slam, it is possible to get a partial charged attack between each slam, but the timing is very difficult and likely impossible as a client.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Vermintide 2 — Riposte Combo for Chaos Spawn 

Views: 432

For science. Tested on the modded realm with 200% boss damage (not relevant but in case anyone was wondering why my damage was so high).


Fighting the Minotaur is similar to fighting the Chaos Spawn, but more consistent. It is not possible to keep the Minotaur in place without a wall to cheese its attacks by standing underneath it.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Bullying Minotaurs as a Witch Hunter — Vermintide 2 

Views: 925

Sneaking attacks, included charged attacks, between the Minotaur’s swings is possible. For a Rapier WHC guide on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560914189 WHC Rapier…

Bile Troll

Almost all of the Bile Troll’s attacks can be avoided without dodging by using the Rapier’s movement speed during a charged attack.

– Headshots How To

In general, aim slightly above the head of an enemy. If the enemies get closer, aim higher.

Player Weapon Hitboxes

The hitboxes of most attacks are imperfect. They do not match the weapon model precisely. For example, the Rapier’s charged attack is more like a plank of wood lying on its wide side. Keep this in mind for the next heading below.

What Counts as a Headshot?

For an attack to count as a headshot, the attack’s hitbox must not collide with anything on the way to the head of the enemy. This means hitting the pauldrons of a Chaos Warrior will prevent an attack from hitting their head and counting as a headshot.

While neck hits will triggers effects such as the Exec’s headshot sound, they do not generally count as headshots, but there are exceptions. Please see Royal w/Cheese’s Headshot and Common Hitbox linked at the end of this section for more details.


A technique called dragging can be used to land otherwise impossible/difficult headshots. This technique is more effective for slower attacks, and is very useful for the Halberd’s Heavy Stab, but can still be used to limited effect with the Rapier’s charged attacks. Aim above the head of an enemy and release the charged attack. Just before the attack’s damage frames end (when this is can only be learnt by feel or with debug tools) and drag the Rapier down into the enemy’s skull. This will count as a headshot.


Movement, either through move techs/weapon attack movement or dodging, can be used to reposition a small distance for a better angle relative to a target to get a headshot. Charmed Life can aid in this.


The next two sections cover build details. Just below are links to my builds.

My WHC build: https://www.ranalds.gift/build/CSLnCoqxHvAflXcmNaJa/view

This a versatile offense focused build that deals good damage with enough skill. If the player uses BoP on all types of specials, they should pick Scrounger. If they are comfortable with only using BoP on ranged specials and using the Rapier for Assassins/Packmasters and sometimes Leeches, they should switch Scrounger to Conservative Shooter.

My other builds can be seen here, including non-WHC ones: https://www.ranalds.gift/user/YKy58uO4ltN6RZXm7elDm4QInh32/view

– Deathknell vs Flense vs Riposte

Which talent is the best option?


Flense gives the best overall damage by far. Even at a 100% headshot % Flense still does more damage to single targets with Rapier light attacks than Deathknell does. On groups, it’s not remotely close damage wise, and Flense wins easily.


  • The Rapier has high berserker damage. Because Flense has relatively low berserker damage, Deathknell leads to better berserker damage because it works with the Rapier’s actual damage. Deathknell is more effective vs Chaos Warriors and the superarmoured heads of Maulers, while Flense does very little to superarmour.
  • Deathknell is useful for hitting some breakpoints, and since it benefits ranged attacks pairs well with BoP, letting it hit 1 shot headshot breakpoints on specials on Cata 1, and makes BoP usable on Cata 3.
  • Deathknell benefits Rapier charged attacks more than Flense does at a 35% or higher headshot %, so for those that want to use the Rapier’s full moveset and not only chain lights, Deathknell is a good pick.
  • Killing an enemy immediately with Deathknell’s frontloaded damage can sometimes be more useful than Flense’s higher but delayed damage. This can be noticeable sometimes when kiting.

I use Deathknell and very rarely if ever use Flense even though I know Flense is superior. This makes my runs more difficult. The talent you choose is your choice.


Riposte is overall weakest of the three talents. Because it requires blocking an enemy strike, it means an enemy has to not be staggered or killed before that happens, and requires purposefully not dodging the attack instead. This often leads to Riposte falling behind the other two damage wise.

Riposte is however effective vs some boss types, provided the WHC has the boss’ aggro.

  • These are the Minotaur and the Chaos Spawn. This is because they have combos that can be blocked without damage being taken, and because they both have guaranteed/quite easy to bait multi-hit combos. This is in contrast with the Rat Ogre, which will not do its running triple combo frequently and has no other attack that can be blocked without taking significant damage.
  • It can also be used to good effect against a Bile Troll if the player has their own back to a wall to make the knockback irrelevant. This is because the Bile Troll’s damage through block is minor. However, if the Bile Troll is crouching/leaning over because it is in a short tunnel, it’s best to dodge instead of blocking, as its attacks will deal high damage through block.
  • Against a Stormfiend, Riposte requires a close wall to mitigate the knockback of its melee attacks.
  • The crit Riposte gives can proc Swift Slaying. When Swift Slaying is up, it is possible to more consistently land higher damage attacks between the swings of the Mino, Chaos Spawn and the Rat Ogre’s running triple slam. Swift Slaying uptime is not 100% vs the Mino and Chaos Spawn normally even at 20% crit chance on WHC with Rapier, so Riposte makes boss damage vs them much better.

Riposte does have some uses as a frontline talent, and can reach some stagger breakpoints with Rapier, but they require significant investment. This is because Riposte grants free critical pushes until the crit attack is used or the 2 second timer ends, and critical pushes have higher stagger strength than normal pushes.

Despite its description, Riposte works on ranged attacks, including the Rapier’s pistol special. It can be used to proc Scrounger for ammo sustain, or to safely score a Killing Shot instant kill with the pistol special while blocking.

For an example of fighting a Minotaur with Riposte:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Rapier Guide

YouTube™ Video: Vermintide 2 — Minotaur Riposte 

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WHC Riposte Rapier build: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/10/112212/32,1,3,6/19,3,5,7/3,2,1/1,4,2/7,2,3 Done on Cata 3 with the mods Cata 3 & Deathwish, Spawn Tweaks and Aussiemon’s Free Flight Mod.

– Other Talents & Properties

Fervency vs Unending Hunt

  • Fervency
    Gives guaranteed melee crits for 6 seconds, but removes the crit chance bonus for ranged attacks and for allies. Fervency is good for bosses, particularly for bursting the Bile Troll down during its regen phase. Because the crits are guaranteed, a player can get use charged attacks during Fervency without running the risk of getting few crits, which can happen with Unending Hunt/base Animosity. This makes Fervency much better for fighting Chaos Warriors, as Killing Shot does not proc on them and the Rapier’s charged attacks have a much faster time to kill CWs than its lights do.
  • Unending Hunt
    Grants 40% ulitmate cooldown reduction if Animosity hits 10 or more enemies. While this sounds as if it would always proc, it does not, and it brings less value than Fervency when fighting a boss without a horde. However, Unending Hunt’s frequency makes it better for increasing a team’s sustained damage over a entire run.

TL;DR Fervency is better for burst damage. Unending Hunt is safer/more reliable and good for BoP on Cata 3.

Other Build Elements

Temporary Health

Thp on headshot/crit is superior to thp on cleave for the Rapier on Cata 3 because the mass increases results in the Rapier cleaving little. On Cata 1, thp on headshot/crit is better vs Norscan Rotblood Chaos hordes, but worse than cleave vs Skaven and Beastmen due to Rapier cleaving them.

Heretic Sighted & Attack Speed

The Rapier benefits significantly from high attack speed because high amounts of attack speed result in easier to land headshots. This is because higher attack speed decreases the amount of time a player has to track the enemy’s head due to the attack landing sooner. I recommend Attack Speed and Crit Chance on Rapier instead of BCR and Crit Chance because just 30% BCR on necklace lets Rapier block a CW overhead, without being guard-broken, so the extra BCR is often not needed.

When it comes to Heretic Sighted vs Wild Fervour, Wild Fervour will generally edge out in total team dps but Heretic Sighted lets the WHC get away with high risk attacks, indirectly increases mobility and is helpful for BoP’s alt fire.

Charmed Life vs Cast Away

Due to its strong inherent blocking capabilities and half-cost pushes, Cast Away (40% Stamina Recovery for 2 seconds after pushing) is not needed for the Rapier to frontline and provide crowd control. Charmed Life (20% increased dodge range) is very good for allowing WHC to reach teammates more quickly, handle large numbers of enemies at once with less time spent blocking, kiting, movement speed techniques and

However, because the Rapier has 6 pushes, Cast Away generates a lot of value over time. It’s good for heavy frontlining duty and pairs well with Riposte.

Movement Speed

5% movement on Trinket will extend the effective range of the charged attack which can be useful, but it is generally not worth sacrificing Stamina Recovery or Crit Chance because 5% movement speed is very little on its own, and WHC has no other sources of movement speed.

Stagger Talent Choice

Assassin is superior to Mainstay for Rapier. Rapier can only get Mainstay’s 2nd stagger level bonus on horde enemies with its normal attacks, or on elites with its special attack. Assassin is a significant damage boost to Rapier’s crits and headshots.

P.S. I have a newfound respect for Royal w/Cheese because creating guides involves far more effort than I realised.

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