Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Winter Assault



    I’ve seen some people struggle with IG’s Mission 4, and I went so far as to use this strategy (not sure if it would work for medium to harder difficulties).

    The Dates

    The first thing to realize is that clearing a path for a land raider is the wrong strategy.

    It does decent damage on its own, but it also comes with reinforcements, which can be some pretty crazy stuff (like Dreadnoughts and Assault Terminators).

    Second, killing enemies is not part of the win conditions. If you get the Land Raider to where it needs to go, you win, no need to clear the map.

    • 1) The first thing you need to do is engineer if you don’t already have one, and embrace it and stick with Land Raider, possibly hiding during the hard parts. Your objective in this mission has now changed. Land Raider doesn’t need protection, but you better protect that engineer.
    • 2) Next, escort the Land Raider with the Engineer and whatever weak forces you can eliminate. Again, the Land Raider isn’t what you’re protecting, it’s the Engineer, so pull your forces back a bit to avoid losing the Engineer.
    • 3) When possible (strongly recommend after each engagement), stop the Land Raider using the Commander and ask the Engineer to fully heal it.
    • 4) Keep moving forward and watch the Land Raider/SM reinforcements whittle down the enemies.

    Repeat the previous steps until you reach the end (if the engineer dies you’ll repeat step 1, at which point you park the Land Raider near the IG building and your new engineer waiting to teleport to it).



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