Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Pro Tips for Ogryn



    I’m not exactly the cream of the crop, but I’ve picked up a few things about Ogrein in my 100 hours of playtime.

    Ogre tips

    I got all of my classes to level 30, and while they all hold a place in my heart, Ogrein is my favorite. So I want to share some tips to improve your combat, your coordination, and your overall chances of success.

    I’m not sure how many people are aware of this, but most weapons have a guaranteed clio combo when you start with a light, follow up with a heavy, and then alternate between the two. Of course this is also true with Ogrein. This will often help you sustain your group’s damage and stagger constantly – especially if you’re bleeding.

    One of the most common complaints about Ogryns is how they block team shots. You are a heavy boy. So try to stand off to the side whenever possible so your teammates have a clear view. You won’t need to body block enemies – most melee enemies will automatically jump to the nearest person.

    Crouching might not be a terrible idea either. You’ll still be tall, but if you don’t need to move much, your team may be able to get the desired line of sight over your head.

    You generally shouldn’t be the team’s point guard when you can help it. Aggro the largest number of melee enemies you can in combat and let your teammates handle the rest.

    This is not an invitation to overextend, though. Bill Charge can be a powerful tool for closing distance on enemies you’re not in effective range and putting them out of harm’s way for a second, but don’t let it form bad habits. . Be in harmony. Not just for your sake, but for your team.

    Also, special warning for those of you with Rumbler, The Gauntlet, or Stubber to some extent. If you see someone special like a bomber or sniper when you have them to deal with, tag them and continue dealing with the group. Your team should be able to take it from there, and you won’t have to waste time pulling out your ranged weapon when you have more important things to do. Take them outside if it’s safe to do so, but don’t risk health damage trying to tunnel their vision. Just pay them off for now.

    • Dealing with ranged enemies

    Ogrein has by far the weakest contingency to deal ranged damage. But he is not as helpless as many people make him out to be.

    Obviously, most cores will be too small for you. But you’ll still often have entire walls, side paths, and other tools that can be used as cover.

    If you’re not running Slab Shield, you become more of a backline support in these situations. Don’t feel pressured to get kills – If you can simply suppress or stagger key threats like snipers or snipers, you can make room for your team to come in and get kills.

    Note: That said, Drag Bandits are currently bugged. They recover from the pressure almost immediately – and I think even stagger in some cases. Keep it in mind while it lasts.

    Look for opportunities to get close to enemy lines and just… swing at them with a melee weapon while you’re safe behind cover. You can sometimes get them to swing back.

    If you can finish off the bill charge without leaving your team behind, diving is also a valid option, and will allow your team to cut their lines while you taunt them all in melee. Just… maybe double check and make sure they aren’t busy first. This can backfire – especially if the RNG director decides it’s the perfect time to ambush.

    Slab Shield is a very powerful utility for Ogres. It’s currently the only melee (for Ogrein) that lets you convert ranged damage into stamina damage. And your special plants ground you and make you functionally invulnerable to any incoming damage.

    This is not the requirement that some players claim is too much difficulty. You lose an unusual amount of damage compared to the other options (although the bleed may compensate to some extent), but you open up the opportunity to hold the front lines while dealing with more enemies. are

    If you want to help your team, make sure you’re the first thing they see. Ranged enemies usually tunnel the first available target, and you want that to be you.

    From there, set up a planted block to eat up all that incoming aggro so your team can clear, then you can move on the stragglers.

    A common mistake I see a lot of players – not just Ogryns – make, is to try too hard to save a teammate before dealing with the threat that brought them down in the first place. Then went down and said threat.

    If it’s a trapper net, you can usually clear fast enough to get your partner back up and still kill the trapper. But during the attack as a whole, you’ll want to deal with the larger threats surrounding your allies and most of the Pokeswalkers. It’s just that they won’t have enough manpower to break your ability when you’re picking them up.

    The recovery time is very generous. Take advantage of it and don’t panic. Worst case scenario, you’ll have them at the shrine within minutes. You go down trying to pick them up, and the situation becomes much more dire.

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