Warframe’s spooky Whispers in the Walls quest & more from TennoCon 2023



    Warframe is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023, and the free-to-play looter shooter is just getting warmed up with the reveal of its upcoming story chapter, Whispers In The Walls.

    Kicking off a new story arc, this quest will take players, the Operator, and the Drifter to new locations as part of an ambitious new content drop coming later this year – and there was plenty more announced at Tennocon besides.

    Warframe’s next quest is horror-themed

    Warframe 10 year anniversary key art

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    Whispers In The Walls, the story add-on coming later this year, will set off a chain of story events throughout what Digital Extremes has described as a multi-year arc.

    The update will offer a stunning new location that feels like a Mary Shelley nightmare set in space. Players can expect Gothic horror-style tiles for procedurally generated maps across laboratories, as well as a new weapon, the Grimoire. This spellbook can cast projectile attacks and can be taken into any other Warframe content as a secondary weapon type.

    The Warframe team has also been working on adding more environmental effects, meaning traps can be triggered by destroying the various pieces of apparatus.

    Warframe’s Whispers In The Walls update arrives in Winter 2023, and the game’s next Warframe addition (its 54th, if you can believe it), is also following the dark and brooding vibe.

    Dagath Warframe in Warframe

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    The sword and whip-wielding Dagath will arrive in October as part of Abyss of Dagass, alongside a Naberus Dojo Room and a series of quality-of-life changes including the removal of Flawed Mods and MK-1 weapons, auto melee, and a rework for Hydroid.

    More announced at TennoCon 2023

    Warframe 1999 screenshot showing Excalibur

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    It’s not just looking ahead as part of Tennocon, though, as Digital Extremes also revealed Warframe 1999 – a new prequel of sorts that will arrive in 2024.

    Rebb Ford, Warframe’s Creative Director, noted that Warframe 1999 will be larger in scope than The Whispers in the Wall, and it’ll even feature a licensed track from Nine Inch Nails – very 1999 indeed.

    Warframe 10th Anniversary Heirloom Collections Key Art

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    The team also revealed a new series of Heirloom Collections to celebrate Warframe’s decade anniversary, with Heirloom Collections for Mag and Frost. These new designs include Signas, a new type of cosmetic tier that takes up a new attachment slot – think of them as halos for your weapons, with the option to offset them, too.

    Finally, TennoCon also brings a sizeable update on both Warframe Mobile and Cross-Save. Warframe Mobile will debut in 2024, and can be pre-ordered for a Day 1 login reward on the iOS App Store, while cross-save will finally arrive this year.

    The update is likely to roll out in waves, Ford explained at TennoCon, with a focus on preventing account data loss before rolling it out fully to all players.

    For more on Tennocon, check out our rundown of the latest Soulframe gameplay.



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