Warframe’s Jade Shadow update is out now with new Warframes, cosmetics and missions.

    • Warframe’s latest update, Jade Shadow, is here.
    • This adds to the latest playable Warframe, the 57th overall, Jade
    • It also includes a new mission type, new cosmetics and more.

    Warframe’s latest update, Jade Shadow, is finally here! Possibly the biggest since the hit hack ‘n’ slash ARPG hit mobile, this update includes some big new additions. You’ve got a new Warframe, mission types, cosmetics and more. Come now to find out what’s on offer, or read on to see what you can expect!

    The biggest addition, and name of the update, is, of course. 57th Playable Warframe; Jade. Coming with three new weapons, the Evensong Bow, the Cantier Throwing Knife and the Harmony Scythe, Jade can heal allies and damage enemies to seal the doom of her foes.

    Next is up New mission type, Ascension. Simply put, it’s an elevator mission, where you climb through an enemy-infested elevator shaft. You’ll need to complete these types of missions to get the necessary motes to craft Warframe Jade. Belly of the Beast is accompanied by new clan operations, tasking you with taking on community challenges to unlock a stylish new energy glow.

    Finally, Kay is a hostess New cosmetics are availableas well as numerous quality-of-life updates and balance changes to ensure the best possible experience for players jumping into Warframe: Jade Shadows.

    More to come.

    With Tennocon 2024 right around the corner, the launch of Warframe Mobile comes at an important time for the game’s community. One might even guess that this is possibly the worst time to enter, given the depth that is required to capture the material. But that’s one benefit of a game like this finally coming to mobile, and that’s the fact that you won’t run out of content anytime soon!

    But in the meantime, if you’re not much of a Warframe player you can always check out some of the other games available on mobile. Check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else is on offer!


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