Warframe: should he leave or stay inside the Duviri paradox?


    Upon completing the Duviri Paradox questline, you are presented with a sudden choice: leave the chaotic paradox behind or remain within its twisted confines. Each choice changes the way you play Warframe, but it’s not as complicated or difficult a choice as you might initially think. Are you wondering which option to choose? We’ve got you covered. Here we show you if you should leave or stay within the Durviri paradox.

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    What happens if you stay or leave Duviri’s Paradox in Warframe?

    Staying in Duviri’s paradox allows you to continue to conjure the endless spirals that the paradox has to offer. Every time you exit Teshin’s cave, Duviri’s top story will change depending on which Spiral is selected for you.

    Completing a Spiral will send you back to Teshin’s cave where you can start another Spiral. The rewards for beating Duviri’s Spirals are significant, and there are new items and vendors to interact with that weren’t available in the quest line.

    Coming out of Duviri’s paradox, however, will place you in the Origin System, Warframe’s traditional story path and gameplay loop. The rewards for this are the same as a traditional Warframe, with more actual loot coming from enemy kills, unlike Duviri, who focuses on loot from end-of-mission rewards.

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    The choice to stay or go is not permanent, as he can simply decide to leave Duviri any time he wishes to return to the Origin System. Similarly, if you want to return to Duviri, simply click on Duviri’s location on the navigation screen to get there in one piece.

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