Warframe looks back at 2022 through a bowl of sourdough bread starter named Igor’s



    Playing Warframe for freeWe appreciate that Warframe storys headline may sound unhinged, but the games creative director framed the multiplayer shooters 2022 updates around a two-year-old bowl of sourdough starter. It was because this bowl of dough, affectionately named Igor, wanted to attract new employees with fresh bread. But life like Digital Extremes knew the m&s had to change.

    I used to shift my clothes and head to be cold for two years as a precautions to clean up children’s health. As we switched my leaves to red and gold, I woke up again by some members of the DE team that were ready to go back to the office.

    And so happy that he and his team are working exactly what they want. Whether he is remote, hybrid or back in the office full time, the end of 2022 looks very different than the years before. We had to adapt to some changes. But through all of it, the community was there to understand our work on Warframe. And as small as it may appear, to find out whether Igor was back, but that would be a good feeling. Even with huge changes, you still feel like yourself.

    The post closes with a recount of the progress of the past year and looks forward to 2023s future plans including the Duviri Paradox update and the games 10th anniversary, then wishes its players a happy holiday celebration. Possibly with freshly baked bread.

    Source: official forums.



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