Warframe How To Escape From A Stuck Location

Escaping from a stuck position.

Testing how stuck you are

The first thing to do when stuck is to try a combo of bullet jumping into sliding into rolling. Try it in every direction for the most part you can get out of it this way if not you are truly stuck.

How to get out

Now I guess you can try to use your arcwing or your necromech or even your k-drive but most likely if the test for seeing if you are stuck did not work then they probably will not either. If you have your operator then you can get out otherwise there is nothing you can do as far as i know. You now will start to clip through the map. Enter your operator and the back into your frame if you are stuck it should clip your frame slightly lower than before. Repeat until you fall through the map this will not kill you, you will just re-spawn somewhere else.

Warframe How To Escape From A Stuck Location
Warframe How To Escape From A Stuck Location

If this did not work

If it did not work I do not know what to do as i have never been in that situation before, but i guess you will just have to quit the quest. I am sorry I could not help but if you get out you should probably make a guide for others just in case.

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