Warframe – Duviri Paradox Path or Warframe Path?



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    With the release of Duviri Paradox, along with a host of new content, new players are given the gift of choice: start out on Duviri Paradox or the traditional Warframe path. Having completed both, I am of the opinion that each start has its own set of advantages. However, I think there is one that is simply better than the other in terms of overall value. Interested in knowing which start is the victor? Read on, dear reader. Here’s whether or not you should start with the Duviri Paradox path, or the traditional Warframe.

    Duviri’s Paradox Path vs Warframe’s Path

    In terms of rewards associated with the beginning of Warframe, the traditional way of Warframe it is the stronger choice due to its open nature. While there is a core questline to follow, and we highly recommend doing so, you are not subject to the flame for not doing it initially. Yes, there are major systems locked behind the start of Warframe’s path, but you still have the option to deviate from the status quo that’s thrown your way.

    This path also gives you the advantage of getting traditional loot, like major early-game mods, from enemies, which is in somewhat of a contrast to how loot comes from Duviri Paradox. As such, you’ll likely get more of the traditional route initially.

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    On the other hand, if you favor a focus on narrative with real tangible progress, then starting with Duviri’s paradox may be more up your alley. Duviri’s Paradox also serves as a tutorial for Warframe’s general systems, with a greater focus on the open map aspect that Warframe has evolved into over time. You can still choose between the same starting frames, so you’re not left out of the loop by choosing the other starting.

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    Can you change routes once you have chosen one?

    You can switch between the Duviri Paradox route and the Warframe routesbut you’ll need to complete enough of your chosen route to do so. If you start with Duviri Paradox, you’ll need to get to the end of the quest line before you can switch paths. If you’re starting out on the Warframe path, you’ll first need to complete the Vor Prize questline before you can make the switch.

    Ultimately, no matter your choice, you will eventually end up in the same place as the other. Warframe is designed so that you, as the player, decide how you want to progress in your own Star System. While there are missions that unlock very important content, they are rarely presented as essential. Instead, you are given the option to start them at your own pace, no matter where you are in the story.

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