Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits

Are you sick of paying to upgrade Mods? Want to fund your never ending optimization quest? Have you ever wanted to farm credits while you poop? Here’s how to do it with little to no effort (based on your dietary fiber).


We’re essentially going to be abusing Wukong’s Celestial Twin and a specific area of the map to run The Index almost completely AFK (other than to start and end the round). With a credit weekend, booster, and blessing, you net 1.2 Million credits (and some Platinum) in a few minutes.

What You’ll Need

  • Wukong
  • An NPC Suitable Weapon (Ignis)
  • “Dispensary” in the Helminth System (Optional but highly recommended)
  • Any Basic Macro Program
  • A Burning Hatred For The Index (Apparently it works for everyone)



You basically want power strength for your Clone’s Health[warframe.fandom.com], generic tankiness, and duration if using the Dispensary[warframe.fandom.com] ability subsumed into the 4th slot. Subsuming Dispensary is not strictly necessary but greatly increases consistency and also increases the degree of autonomy.

Below is the build I use. You do not need umbral mod variants or adaptation or even any of the more expensive mods maxed. Look here[overframe.gg] for a “new player” friendly 1 Forma Wukong build that doesn’t require umbral mods, arcanes, adaptation, or the Helminth System. With the cheaper build you’ll need to pay a bit more attention but the clone should still handle most of it.

Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits
  • Aura/Exilus
    • You can use whatever you want for the Aura Slot.
      • Steel Charge[warframe.fandom.com] for extra mod space/less forma
      • Corrosive Projection[warframe.fandom.com] if your weapon sucks a wee bit
      • Energy Siphon[warframe.fandom.com] is nice if you’re not subsuming Dispensary
      • Rejuvenation[warframe.fandom.com] if you find yourself too squishy/not using Adaptation[warframe.fandom.com] or Dispensary
    • Likewise Exilus mod is up to you (or not at all if new)
      • Preparation[warframe.fandom.com] is nice to skip the initial energy gathering
      • Vigilante Pursuit[warframe.fandom.com] is nice for the passive damage
      • Sure Footed[warframe.fandom.com] (Prime if you have it) is nice to resist anyone moving you
  • Arcanes (Completely Optional)


Below is the Ignis (Wraith) build I prefer to use due to its consistency (you can save 2 Forma if you skip the Exilus Slot, 3 without Primed Cryo Rounds). Radiation, Corrosive, & Viral all work. Make sure you avoid any weapon that would potentially cause knockback/need arming-distance (no Tonkor, Acceltra, Ogris, etc.). I suspect any beam weapon properly modded would do fine (Amprex, Nukor, Atmos, etc.). Look here[overframe.gg] for a “new player” friendly 2 Forma Ignis build. Like with the “new player” wukong build, using this cheaper build will require you to pay slightly more attention.

Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits


The Macro

Unfortunately DE tries their best to stop AFK farming by disabling things like resource vacuum, XP gain, and friendly NPC A.I. if you don’t shoot something or move for after a while. To get around this we use a macro to simply move us slightly to the left and back to avoid the AFK penalty.

I use a Logitech mouse and keyboard so I use Logitech G Hub to program a simple macro (seen below) but nearly any macro recorder found online will do. With some programs you have to manually enter the keystrokes/timing, with others you can simply press record and imitate what you want it to do. After that just set it to your preferred hotkey and you’re good to go.

Essentially what you want to program is:

  1. Press 4 (If using Dispensary Ability in Slot 4)
  2. Wait for a 10-20 second delay
  3. Press 1 (To re-summon the clone if it somehow dies)
  4. Press A to walk to the left for a few seconds
  5. Press D to walk back to right and return to the starting position
  6. Make sure you enable the Macro to loop automatically
Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits

What To Do

I highly recommend you do this with at least a credit booster and blessing. No need to buy one, wait for a daily login credit booster or one from a Sortie.

Full detailed procedure listed below video.

  1. Use either the Clan Dojo or Relay navigation to initiate “High Risk” Index SOLO (Do not do this from the orbiter).
    • For some reason this nearly guarantees you the outdoor map (mandatory). If you get the indoor one, abandon the mission.
  2. Immediately switch to your melee weapon of choice (so the clone will use your primary).
  3. Gather energy however you see fit.
    • If you are using preparation this isn’t necessary.
    • Gather however many energy orbs your build requires to startup.
  4. Head to the enemy’s side & spawn Wukong’s Celestial Twin.
  5. Position yourself on the right side of the doorway leading out of the enemy’s side (outlined in red below).
Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits
  1. Face directly into the wall.
    • This location and camera direction is CRITICAL. It forces nearly all enemy spawns to the left side of the door (outlined in red below) and allows for easy collection of index points and mods (if you choose/remember to grab them towards the end).
Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits
Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits
  1. Activate your looping macro.
  2. Wait for NPC warframes to delivery points and for the round to end.
    • If you want to farm a little plat at the cost of being completely AFK, grab the mods scattered nearby close to the end of the round.
  3. Deactivate the Macro, extract, rinse, repeat. (Most runs are 4-6 minutes)


How many rounds should I go?

Extracting after 1 round and restarting is absolutely the fastest. The only reason you go multiple rounds ordinarily is to increase your profit to pay-in ratio, which matters far less when you have boosters.

How/Why 1.2 Million Credits?

TLDR: Because the math in this game is wack. The game says you get paid 200K credits profit but this isn’t actually how the calculation happens. It pays you 250K and then subtracts the 50K. Also, the 50K “pay-in” amount does not scale with with boosters but the “pay-out” amount received does. So with a booster you get paid 500K and then it subtracts 50K neting you 450K. Additionally, for some reason the 25% boost from a credit blessing is multiplicative with other boosters. So if you have a booster and double credit weekend (x4 payout) and add the blessing on top it actually gives you x5 instead of x4.25. So with everything active you get paid 1.25 Million credits, the game subtracts 50K, and you net 1.2 Million

Where’s my supposed platinum?

If you are willing to be nearby to grab the mods close to the end of the round, you can reroll them (credits are no longer a problem if you followed this..) into mods that actually sell for plat. With marginal luck, I’ve rerolled and sold mods worth 200p from just a few hours of farming this way.

What if the ally NPCs are blowing it?

Unfortunately, this happens, and is the most inconsistent part of all this, and the reason it’s only “mostly” AFK. They’re greedy, and despite carrying 30+ points will happily turn around to grab 1 more and die. They also aren’t particularly agile, rarely sprinting, dodging, or jumping, making them easy targets. Luckily when this happens giant piles of points form, so worst case scenario, after a few minutes you grab them, and the scattered mods, and end the round. If DE every improves their A.I. this will become much more reliable.

What if I keep dying while AFK?

In general, this is more consistent the stronger your builds are, but the reverse is true. Another hidden bonus to using Wukong is his 3 revives passive. If you are still dying a lot using a weak build I would:

  1. Farm, or if too new purchase, the “Adaptation” mod. It usually sells cheap for around 15 Plat.
  2. Upgrade your health and armor mods.
  3. Farm and subsume Protea to grant access to her “Dispensary” in the Helminth System.

What if I get the other (indoor) map?

Abandon the mission, the 50k credits lost means nothing in the face of the lost time.

Why not multiplayer? Don’t the NPC warframes just die?

Exactly, and they drop index points, speeding up the process. You also control the spawns of the enemies to one place with just you. This will not work (well) in multiplayer

What about delivering the Index Points?

Because of where the spawns are concentrated, the NPCs usually have no problem grabbing a bunch and scoring them.

Isn’t this exploitation a little morally bankrupt?

Yes. No.

What do I do with all this saved time?

  • Watch your favorite show
  • Play a better game
  • Have an existential crisis
  • Knitting
  • Spend time your loved ones (c’mon there has to be at least one..)
  • Have a snack
  • Question your life choices
  • Get a dog
  • Pet the dog

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Warframe AFK Solo Index To Get Credits that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Sir.MuffinCakes. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.