War Robots: Frontiers are up to date, and will bring new weapons


    MY.GAMES and Pixonic have added a brand new update to War Robots: Frontiers, the first major update since the game was launched. The game’s technically still on Steam, so the update is basically the update which is mostly the developers adding content to the game it has been intended to become when the full version comes out. We have the full notes below that the developers owe and an homage to the original original.

    Is it MY.GAMES?

    There are two new robotics units, 3 new weapon systems, nutzable on multiple mechs, and 2 new ability modules. The new parts, weapon systems and ability modules help players with millions of combinations for the game. The two new robot series Griffin and Typhon will add a lot of hi-tech power to the lineup focuses on debilitating smart arrays. The Griffin has built a radar and optical interference system. Those who look at the mech are very disappointed. Their mech’s cameras are disrupted with static and make it difficult for the right kind of shot. The Typhon on the other hand can deal a strong debuff to three opponents making it an excellent machine for teams to fight their own fights.”

    “New high-tech weapons further push the edge of warfare with the Halo,Pulsar, and Gozer. Hands are great for multiple targets, while the Pulsarsare medium-range energy cannons generate energy. The Gozer will behave in a different manner depending on how many has been slotted in order to give them a good sniper’s cannon. Lastly, two new abilities modules allow you to avoid enemies and the Smoke Wallobstructing enemy Vision suitable for stealthy players and theBlocking Field providing deployable cover for players looking to control the battlefield. With this update the tutorial can be adjusted by adding additional work, and to the hangar UI, and Japanese & Chinese language support is also added.

    This is the first of many new developments planned over the course of Early Access; developers indicated they wanted players to get an early taste of the game, so they can take their feedback into account while further developing the game. In future updates, there will be new maps, modes, weapons, power modules, and new game systems. When the game begins to begin, they plan upgrades to graphical fidelity, balance changes, and technical polish.


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