War: Apex Predators heat up properly



    The players in War Thunder can use F-16, MiG-29, Tornado and other new military vehicles now.

    Gaijin Entertainment announced that the Apex Predator update in the online vehicle combat game War Thunder is now available to players.

    The update focus is the fourth generation F-16, MiG-29 and Tornado jets, but now all game modes have been improved.

    The voices of naval officers and crews in naval battles have completely been revised, and carriers can launch from five new plane carriers Shokaku, Ilustrious, Saratoga, Lexington and Enterprise.

    There were new ground vehicles introduced, e.g. the US extrovert M728 engineer tank with 165mm gun, the French Char 2C bis superheavy tank and the Jordanian Khalid main battle tank. More than 20 aircraft and helicopters have upgraded kit, so new aircraft can be fitted with internal fuel tanks.

    The Winter Quest, which took place parallel to the update, started the Winter Quest. Players can complete numerous missions and earn combat missions, camouflage skins and in-house 4 rare combat vehicles, a Naval Aviation Tornado, a German variant of the European fighter-bomber.

    This machine is intended for naval combat but it does not have guided bombs, but it can take the Kormoran (new to War Thunder) missile (AAS 134).

    The M728 is a ponderator made up of the M60 chassis. In the 1960’s, it’s still in the military reserve and was used by Saudi Arabia and Oman.

    The fighting machine is equipped with a crane on the turret, a winch, a dozer blade and a 165 mm cannon. The M728 was used in the Vietnam and Gulf War to destroy fortifications and clear roadblocks, and also perform other pioneering duties on the field.

    The khalid (sword) is a new figure from the British chieftain, initially developed as Shir for Iran’s armed forces, but then realized for Jordan’s army. It doesn’t do that what the original version uses a much stronger engine with an additional laser probe.

    War Thunders and ground and air vehicles combined, and now also come to the new map mining center, which is modeled upon a typical mining and processing plant in the Tien Shan Mountains. The teams need to fight for the checks between mine dumps, concrete walls from factory buildings and the park with dumpers and bulldozers.

    The popular spot in Poland has received a strong look with snowdrifts and a frozen lake, where you can now risk from attacking the enemys flank.

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