Wall World – Beginner’s Guide



    A guide with some basic information to help lost players.

    Diamond dust

    Diamond Dust is a currency that is obtained during mining. These are the white stars that fly to you while mining and come home.

    They are used to permanently upgrade your spider between runs.

    These are very powerful and will greatly increase your chances of success.

    The further out you explore the more dust you’ll find in each block so don’t be discouraged about slow progress.

    In later stages you can easily get 30k dust per run. So you’ll be able to deck out the permanent development system very quickly.

    I personally maxed out the first page within ~12 hours.


    The map is always the same, the amount of caves that spawn and their content is random hard.

    We basically start in the middle and can go up and down.

    Each “area” is separated by a wall of clouds. As you cross them you will trigger an additional wave of enemies. These additional enemies will become more difficult the further you go.

    For simplicity I have named these areas as follows:

    • u3 above 3
    • u2 above 2
    • u1 above 1
    • 0 We start here.
    • d1 down 1
    • d2 down 2
    • d3 down 3

    Some details:

    0 We start here. All caves will be white crystals. A cave will always be a small cave with a green crystal. There will always be a loot room with ore and green crystals.

    Not every mineral can be found everywhere. See the Resources section for more details.


    So basically there are 9 resources you can get.

    I don’t know the official names so I give them some nicknames:

    Ore. Purple ore is the primary resource required for almost all upgrades. It is found in every cave along with other materials. The further you travel from the middle, the more you get per node.

    white. This is one of the most basic caves found in regions 0 and 1. These are used for further basic upgrading after pure ore. Be careful not to go lower than this as not having enough can prevent you from upgrading tech.

    green Region 0, 1 and (2). The special condition of this material is that it will be your main source of healing. You can use 3 to heal your spider by 15% as many times as you like, even during combat. It is also important to upgrade your mining equipment. Region 0 always has a small green cave.

    Now this is getting interesting. You need to decide if you want to go up or down. Depending on your choice you will have different content available.


    • Bismuth. Area u1, u2, u3. Required for split beam upgrade and last movement speed upgrade.
    • Pink area u2 and u3. Caves look like frost.
    • square. Area u3. The caves look like the Matrix.


    • Black area d1, d2, d3. Required for one of your mining beam’s power upgrades.
    • Red area D2 and d3. Caves appear red.
    • Circle. Area d3. Caves look like magma.

    loot cave

    Each area will have 1-2 loot caves. These include 4-6 rare materials in the region as well as some common metals. They also have a small interactive that gives you some knowledge.

    On rare occasions they may even hold a key.

    Upgrade the chips.

    Small computer chips give you an extra upgrade to one of your existing tools. This can be found at the bottom of its respective upgrade tree.

    These are for the current run only.

    They are found in caves in every region.

    Blue prints

    Blueprints can be found in Regions 1, 2, and 3.

    They are hidden in caves like upgrade chips.

    They will unlock additional spider upgrades that can be purchased with dust between runs.

    These are very powerful and should be actively sought.

    the boss

    The boss will show three times. Whenever the timer hits 0.

    Boss Phase 1

    The boss will not try to kill you. Without any upgrades you will have a hard time surviving. You use dust to upgrade your movement speed and jump abilities to get an easier time.

    In the beginning you’ll have to absorb some hits, you can still try to defeat him by taking away his damage. Try to collect as many green crystals as possible.

    The boss and all currently active enemies will disappear when all 2 of its purple balls are destroyed.

    Homing missiles always hit the boss so they help a lot.

    Boss Phase 2

    The boss now also shoots and spawns tougher enemies. It will end here in your first few runs, don’t feel bad about it.

    If you get turrets and drones you can improve your chances. They give the necessary firepower to move forward.

    Boss Phase 3

    This is the end of the run. The boss will kill you instantly, no matter what you do.

    If you keep looking hard you can find a way to get around it. (Honestly I haven’t gotten over it myself yet, I just wanted to add it because so many people are thinking about it)


    Keys can also be found in caves.

    They are most needed to beat Boss Phase 3.

    They are found in caves in regions 2 and 3.

    I found a loot in the cave far below. (The last cave before the water). If it was random.


    Try to combine the transition from 1 region to another with one of the boss encounters. (trigger the cloud wave shortly before the timer reaches 0:00)

    Once you finish off the boss, all the enemies will be gone, including the wave created by the cloud transition.

    Use your vacuum to transport additional resources. You can stack resources and then right-click to pull them behind you. This allows you to spider 30+ additional resources with each trip.

    To make it easier try not to make any undercuts and leave only vertical walls inside the mine, this way you can more easily draw a large amount of resources.

    You can leave a small enemy alive in region 0 so that the wave timer doesn’t run out. Not a big fan of it personally but you can use it if it helps you. I expect this to be patched so be careful.

    My favorite route

    Again I highly recommend trying it for yourself first, maybe you can find a better way.

    My go to is currently as follows:

    1. I start clearing the caves first. I try to get the mining upgrade as well as the movement speed upgrade as soon as possible. (Return when you have collected ~6 ore.
    2. After clearing the caves I head south and clear every camp along the way. (Get all mining upgrades in top 2 rows)
    3. Transition through clouds to the d1 region. Upgrade my gun if necessary. Alternatively use Bridge.
    4. If we already found the green cave in region 0, upgrade the mining beam. Otherwise we find the green cave and clear it.
    5. Now find a fleshy cave with black pearls. Mine unless you have enough to get all the upgrades you want with them. (At least upgrade the mining laser but check your other tools to see if you might need something; if you decide to go with the standard gun as a weapon you need another 10 to upgrade it (or you’ll be stuck)
    6. Now go back to region 0 and clear all the remaining caves in region 0 and go to u1.
    7. Explore a bismuth cave and get enopugh materials to upgrade a twin mining beam as well as a more powerful mining beam.
    8. Clear all the green camps along the way as they are fairly quick to clear, give a good amount of green and ore and have a good chance of having blueprints.
    9. Clear all u1.
    10. Transition to u2.
    11. Get a little pink to upgrade your laser. Don’t look for pink caves because they rarely contain anything. (idk why)
    12. Clear all bismuth and green caves in u2, then move to u3.
    13. Clear as much as possible from u3. Explore the Square Mines as they often contain blueprints. Squares also help you upgrade your mining beam to the max.

    Some hints for timing: You should be able to clear area 0, get the materials from d1 and get to u1 before the first boss encounter. Then you are on a really good pace.



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