Walker Season 3, Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers


The following accommodates spoilers for Walker Season 3, Episode 3, “Rubber Meets the Road,” which debuted Thursday, Oct. 20 on The CW.

Though Cordell and Liam Walker have been rescued from a bunch of anarchists concentrating on the Texas Rangers, their private world dangles from a string. Walker and Liam tackle the trauma they endured in their very own respective methods, opening a rift between the 2 brothers. And because the Walker brothers take care of their points, Walker’s youngsters Stella and August transfer to get well the stolen Walker household Mustang earlier than Stella heads out to varsity and anybody can discover that one thing is lacking.

Liam is visibly traumatized by his abduction and torture even after Walker assures him that the Rangers are working diligently to arrest the complete community of terrorists. The Walker household reconvenes over dinner again on the ranch, with Walker lastly congratulating Stella on her commencement as issues return to regular. After a two month flash-forward, August has taken up an curiosity in weight coaching whereas the household continues to be unaware the prized Mustang has been stolen by grifters.

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Regrouping with Colton Davidson, Stella reveals she has secretly been investigating the whereabouts of the Mustang for the previous two months and plans to steal it again from the grifters. She notes that the automotive thief has been utilizing the Mustang in native road racing, with Colton and August each agreeing to assist her get the automotive again whereas maintaining the scenario a secret from the remainder of the household. Colton confides to his stepfather Dan Miller that he’s frightened Stella will break up with him earlier than she heads off to varsity, however retains these ideas to himself when he meets again up together with her.

Walker and Cassie Perez put together for a street journey with the intention to take Stella to varsity, with Cassie expressing her considerations that Walker continues to be haunted by his trauma whereas Walker insists he’s present process remedy. Meanwhile, Abby checks in on Liam, together with her son venting frustration that the household all the time defers to his older brother’s knowledge — even with their shared traumatic expertise. After Stella contacts Trey whereas she tracks down the Mustang, he overhears racing noises within the background and deduces what she’s as much as, informing Walker and Cassie.

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At the road racing scene, Stella tries to grab the Mustang, however is stopped by the thieves and the brand new safety measures they’ve since put in in it. When Stella explains the household historical past behind the Mustang and its matter of miles, the thieves surprisingly relinquish the automotive again with out a combat in a sentimental flip. Returning to the ranch, Stella and August are greeted by a livid Walker — who’s indignant that his youngsters have been maintaining the reality from him for the previous two months. Walker is decided to arrest the group of automotive thieves, however Stella implores him to let it go since they peacefully returned the Mustang.

The Walker youngsters confide that they saved the scenario a secret from their father over their fears of his noticeably unresolved trauma over the kidnapping, with Walker conceding that he hasn’t utterly recovered. When Walker and Stella have a heart-to-heart, she confesses that she doesn’t wish to go to varsity. Liam and his father Bonham make amends as Bonham lastly addresses his personal unresolved trauma from serving within the Vietnam War. Though not a clear restoration, the separate experiences are a giant step in direction of the Walker brothers dealing with their trauma; nevertheless, Walker continues to be haunted by his army service previous to changing into a Ranger. When or how this may play out in Season 3 stays unsure.

Developed for tv by Anna Fricke, Walker airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

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