Wait! Life Is beautiful! Psychotherapist Achievement Guide

This is how to get the Psychotherapist achievement. You have to save everybody that can be saved to get this achievement. The guide only includes the options I tried that work. It doesn’t cover all possible dialogue options.


If you mess up on a person, you can quit the game to start the day over. You’ll have to go through every person again, though.

Day 1

1) War veteran

  • 1. What do you mean?
  • 2. Your comrades would have wanted you to keep living. OR 3. You don’t have anything to blame yourself for. You went through hell! It was war. People die.
  • 1. What about your family? You must have somebody who loves you, right? OR 2. Don’t give up hope. Everything is going to be different!
  • 1. No. I can’t leave you alone. OR 2. You need to talk this through. It’ll help. You see.
  • 2. Why don’t we grab a beer, and you can tell me your story?

2) The Butcher

  • 1. Hey, are you okay? OR 2. Why are you laughing?
  • 1. Okay… who am I talking to? OR 3. I’ve seen your face before… on the news, I think.
  • 1. Why are they looking for you? OR 3. Why do they call you the Butcher?
  • 2. Do you at least have remorse for your crimes? OR 3. …
  • 1. If you regret what you did, maybe it’s time to stop running.

3) Mr. Frog

  • 1. I’m Will. OR 3. Uh…
  • 3. Wow! How do you do that without moving your lips?
  • 1. Mr. Frog, wait! Don’t do it!
  • 1. Seriously, how can you talk like that without moving your lips? It’s so cool!
  • 3. It’s tough being a frog in this world or ours.

4) Old lady

  • 1. I said life is beautiful. Don’t do it!
  • 1. But you could keep living.
  • 2. You’re 102? Get out of here! You don’t look a day over 70.
  • 1. There’s more to life than youth, ma’am. The important thing is to stay young at heart.
  • 1. Everything has its time. There’s no need to rush things.

5) Cult member

  • 2. Why shouldn’t I be here?
  • 2. I don’t know what leader you’re talking about, but you definitely need to get down from there.
  • 3. How can suicide set you free?
  • 2. Don’t you understand? The only thing waiting for you down there is death, not freedom!
  • 2. Please get down from there. You can’t get free this way.

6) Rich guy

  • 2. What do you mean? OR 3. Why do you say that?
  • 1. Isn’t that what life is all about?
  • 1. What would you rather be doing?
  • 2. No way. You can’t buy me off.
  • 3. You just need a distraction. Have you tried finding a hobby?

Day 2

7) Spy husband

  • 1. What are you talking about? OR 3. Okay, okay. But it seems like maybe you want to talk.
  • 1. What happened to her? OR 3. Wow… are you serious?
  • 1. Yeah, I’ve heard about what the Russkies did to the spies they caught. OR 3. That’s awful. I’m so sorry.
  • 1. That sounds really romantic.
  • 3. But this won’t bring her back. There’s got to be another way.

8) John

1. Hi John. I’m Will. Can you tell me what happened?

2. I understand. That really sucks. OR 3. Why don’t you tell me how you’re feeling? Maybe it’ll help.

1. It happens. You need to find a way to move on. OR 2. It’s gonna be okay, John. I’ve had my heart broken too.

3. Try to live for yourself. Do something interesting.

9) Cancer patient

  • 3. Is there any way you could still be helped?
  • 2. You’ve still got a little time. Why not do something you’ve always dreamed about?
  • 1. You aren’t alone. There are lots of seriously ill people in the world.
  • 2. But they’re going through the same thing as you. They understand you better than anyone.
  • 3. Don’t do anything foolish. It’s not your time yet.

10) Ghost girl’s parent

  • 1. Let’s just talk. Is that okay? OR 3. Can you tell me why you’re so tired?
  • 2. Who do you see? OR 3. Are you having nightmares?
  • 1. That’s awful… OR 3. I’m so sorry about your daughter.
  • 3. You didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no way you could have known it would happen.
  • 2. I think you should go to church.

11) Rick Astley

  • 2. Never gonna give you up.
  • 3. Never gonna let you down.
  • 2. Never gonna run around and desert you.
  • 1. Never gonna make you cry.
  • 2. Never gonna say goodbye.

12) Mama’s boy

  • 2. Hold on a second, let’s just talk. OR 3. Why did you make the decision?
  • 1. It’s okay, I just want to help you. OR 2. Alright, then, just tell me what brought you here.
  • 2. Have you tried asking your friends for help?
  • 3. I know what you’re talking about. I’m on my own too.
  • 2. Go home to your mother and forget about today.

Day 3

When invited to join the Pro-Death/cult leader, choose “No. No way.”

13) 2nd cult member

  • 1. No, that’s not why I’m here
  • 2. Does it really matter which bridge it is?
  • 1. Hey, are you even listening to me?
  • 3. Why do you want to jump so badly?
  • 3. Maybe you need to go home and really think this through.

14) Conjoined sisters

  • 2. Could you try talking, uh… one at a time? OR 3. Are there…two of you?
  • 2. I could ask you the same question. OR 3. One at a time, please! What happened to, uh… you two?
  • 2. Yeah, this really is complicated… OR 3. Every guy you meet, huh? How about spending the night with me?
  • 1. You need to find a way to compromise… OR 3. Maybe you both need to loosen up a little.
  • 1. A doctor might be able to help. But I think only one of you would survive the operation…

15) Herald of the future

  • 3. So how is this world going to be better than the old one?
  • 1. You have an interesting way of describing this new world…
  • 3. I don’t mind this world all that much
  • 2. I’m not willing to die for some “new world.”
  • 3. Sorry, I’m just not seeing any light down there. Maybe you should look for it somewhere else.

16) Religious friend

  • 2. Who are you talking about? Who’s going to forgive you?
  • 3. Let’s just calm down and talk. What happened?
  • 1. Wait! Isn’t suicide a sin?
  • 2. You’re going to cause your friends a lot of pain. They love you, you know.
  • 2. Think about what’s going to happen to your own soul.

17) Indecisive person

  • 3. Hold on a second, okay? Let’s just talk.
  • 3. Come on, I’ll help you down.
  • 1. Wait! Why?!
  • 2. It’s okay, just let me help you.
  • 2. Stop, stop! Hold on a second. Just take a deep breath.

18) Homeless person

  • 2. Hey, take it easy, okay? Come down from there.
  • 1. Sorry, bro, I’m broke.
  • 3. Simmer down, okay? Come on, get down from there.
  • 2. Are you okay?
  • 1. Listen, you can take everything I have, just get down from there!

Day 4

19) Raging person

  • 1. Hey, take it easy. What’s up? OR 3. What exactly makes you so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mad?
  • 1. What are you so mad about? OR 2. There are lots of ways to deal with anger.
  • 1. Everything’s okay. Just get down from there. OR 3. Believe me, dude, you aren’t the only one asking himself that question.
  • 2. Sure, I’ll help you. That’s why I’m here. OR 3. Give me your hand. I’ll help you.
  • 1. Hey, chill out, buddy. Everything’s cool. OR 2. Come on, now, there’s no need to…roar like that.

20) Ishtabach sacrifice

You can’t save them.

21) Domestic abuse partner

  • 3. Hold on, I just want to help.
  • 2. Come on, dude, let’s just talk. OR 3. Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that…
  • 3. Damn, that’s harsh. But there’s got to be some way out.
  • 2. Have you ever tried going to the police?
  • 1. You need to hide somewhere safe. OR 2. That’s awful. Dump him and leave town.

22) Hit-and-run person

  • 1. What didn’t you do? OR 3. I wasn’t going to accuse you of anything.
  • 1. Tell me about it. OR 3. What did you do?
  • 1. Oh ♥♥♥♥… OR 3. Are you sure?
  • 2. You need to go to the police.

23) Bad friend

  • 1. What’s the matter, honey? OR 2. There, there, it’s okay, calm down. OR 3. Did somebody hurt you?
  • 1. Who comes to you, darling? OR 3. Do you want to tell me about it? It’ll help.
  • 1. Just tell me what happened. OR 3. It isn’t stupid, it’s important. Tell me about it.
  • 2 That’s not your fault. OR 3. Online dating is nothing but lies.
  • 1. It’s not your fault. She’s the one who decided to do it. OR 2. You need to forgive yourself.

24) Leg operation person

  • 2. I’m not trying to stop you, I just want to talk. OR 3. Let me help.
  • 1. Or what? OR 2. You ran away?
  • 2. If you don’t walk away from the edge, I’m going to have to use force. OR 3. And you aren’t even willing to try?
  • 2. Because they care! OR 3. You talk you don’t give a damn about them.
  • 1. You can’t just rebel and run away like a teenager.

Police apologizes – choose “It’s okay, I get it.”

Day 5

25) Duck costume

  • 1. Hey, can you hear me? OR 3. Let’s just talk.
  • 1. (Say nothing.) OR 2. Who?
  • 3. It’s okay, it’s okay… just tell me what happened.
  • 1. What the hell are you talking about?! What ducks? OR 2. Do you want to talk about it?
  • 2. I’ll buy you some new ducks, just don’t jump.

26) Eating disorder person

  • 1. I wasn’t planning to. OR 2. Why would I laugh at you? OR 3. Has somebody been laughing at you?
  • 2. I don’t understand why anybody laugh at you. OR 3. I’m still not laughing.
  • 2. I see. Listen, why do you care so much about what other people think? OR 3. If you ask me, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • 2. I can see you just fine, and I think you’re cute. OR 3. Come on, you’re gorgeous!
  • 1. Go home and get a good night’s sleep.

27) Super fan

  • 1. Who’s your hero? OR 2. So? OR 3. How did it happen?
  • 1. So? OR 2. Who was he?
  • 1. Yeah, he was the best. OR 3. Oh man, Old Chuck died?!
  • 2. Don’t be silly. Let’s just remember his greatest hits. OR 3. But the world is what it is. You need to make peace with it.
  • 3. You should just keep his memory alive.

28) Stamp Guy

  • 1. You’re standing on a bridge. OR 2. Good question. What ARE you doing?
  • 1. What kind of sound is that? OR 3. And you can’t get a break from it?
  • 1. So that’s your job?
  • 2. Lots of people hate their jobs, but you need to live somehow.
  • 1. Try to relax. Just imagine you’re tap-dancing.

29) Insecure person

  • 1. What do you mean? OR 2. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
  • 1. Nobody’s perfect. OR 2. And you think that’s a problem?
  • 1. Are you sure? It’s not like you’ve got another one.
  • 3. People have been into non-standards appearances lately.

30) Gamer

  • 1. WP no RE.
  • 1. Lay it on me. OR 2. Every problem has a solution.
  • 1. Let me help you. OR 3. Solve what?
  • 1. You sick bastard. OR 2. I’m calling the cops (end).
  • Lulz.

Day 6

31) Dog person

  • 1. Who? OR 3. It happens.
  • 2. So where is she now?
  • 1. Uh… what? OR 2. Sorry, I don’t understand.
  • 1. You lost me. OR 2. Let’s rewind a little, okay? OR 3. I can only guess.
  • 3. I’m sure Miriam is in good hands.

32) Yo guy

  • 2. Yo yo! OR 3. Yo yo yo
  • 2. I’m cool. OR 3. ‘Sup with you?
  • 1. It’s more like gliding than flying.

33) Tourist

  • 1. Unfortunately, yeah. OR 2. Why do you ask?
  • 1. Are you a tourist? OR 3. Why do you care about it?
  • 1. Wait, what?! OR 3. It’s not that great. Like, maybe three out of five.
  • 3. There are other places like this?
  • 2. I just want to help you.

34) Film bro

  • 2. You seem really upset.
  • 3. OKay, fine. Sorry.
  • 1. Happy to help! OR 3. Why don’t you tell me about it?
  • 1. What happened?
  • 1. Sounds like the plot of a movie.

35) Betrayed man

  • 3. Okay, we’ll just stand here silently.
  • 2. No offense. OR 3. No, of course not. Sorry.
  • 1. Wanna talk about it? OR 2. I hear you, buddy.
  • 1. What a twist!
  • 2. If you jump, that means you’re okay with the way she treated you.

36) Sexual assault victim

  • 1. What’s the matter? OR 3. Did somebody hurt you?
  • 3. What does he do?
  • 1. Jesus. I’m so sorry… OR 3. Have you told your mom about it?
  • 1. You don’t have to.
  • 3. Talk to your mom, she’ll help you.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Wait! Life Is beautiful! Psychotherapist Achievement Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank cj7six. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.