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    The year of Resident Evil fans has been exciting. Despite the fact that Resident Evil Village has received DLC, a full remake of Resident Evil has been announced. But it’s not all, but fans, too, really laugh at Netflix’s awful Resident Evil series, which was canceled in one year. But now there’s also sad news to announce, that developer Capcom has closed up the fans’ original Resident Evil 1 and Veronica’s remakes.

    Capcom stop fan-made Resident Evil 1 and Code Veronica remake.

    True fans of this series have created a remake of Resident Evil (buy now 38.99) 1 and Resident Evil Code Veronica in a small development team. But yesterday they announced that developers Capcom intervened and stopped the project, even though developers already able to show initial results.

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    Developers weren’t given commercial intentions.

    In fact, the developers made clear that they didn’t want to get any money without the two remakes, but they wanted to make the games available as free downloads. The titles’ first-alpha editions were released in different languages and regularly updated. When Capcom pulled the plug, a final release arose and proceeded.

    Though there was an odd remake of Rookie Evil 1, the fans are eagerly expecting a new edition of the more than twenty years old Code Veronica.

    The PC games are also popular with the reader.

    Resident Evil: 11 games are extremely cheap in the Humble Bundle.

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    Remake of Dead 1 fantasy storybook is a joy.

    In the new trailer, the development team of the video remake of Evil One shows an insight into the game and reveals what time it’ll be released.

    While Capcom has the right to stop such a project, it still remains a huge disappointment for all involved. All downloaded games for the remake of Redeemer Evil 2 and Code Veronica was immediately removed. While still excerpts of unfinished titles can be seen on Developer Twitter account r.

    Those: Twitter.



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