A Tiktok video of a poodle remodeled into an Arcanine has gone viral. Earlier this week, Gabriel Feitosa, an internationally well-known canine groomer, posted a video of his poodle Edea remodeled into an Arcanine by way of “creative grooming,” a course of wherein a poodle (or one other canine) has their fur dyed utilizing non-toxic merchandise. Feitosa described his pup’s day on the park as “Pokemon Go IRL,” noting that Edea made a number of mates whereas cosplaying as the favored canine Pokemon. You can take a look at the video under:


Edea’s day on the park was like #pokemongo irl ! She made a whole lot of mates together with @sheinas.artwork two daughters that have been the sweetest ladies and really good to Edea. Hope this reveals that inventive grooming doesn’t harm a canine socialization. #doggroomer #standardpoodle #creativegrooming #cutedog #dogpark

♬ Pokémon RBGY – Remix – Toni Leys

Feitosa is legendary for his grooming approach and has been featured in a number of information tales and movies for his inventive grooming topics. Based on Feitosa’s social media, Arcanine appears to be a preferred search for Edea. He has additionally groomed pups into Pikachu as nicely, which appears a bit odd on condition that Pikachu is a mouse. 

Of course, grooming additionally made its manner into the Pokemon franchise with the discharge of Pokemon X and Y, a pair of video games set in a area impressed by France. Not solely might gamers pamper their Pokemon with a wash and brush, they might additionally change the grooming of Furfrou, a poodle-like Pokemon, to one among a number of patterns. Pokemon Go launched Furfrou to the game lately, with numerous Furfrou grooming designs restricted to sure elements of the globe. 

The video additionally places to mattress as soon as and for all whether or not Arcanine ought to be thought-about a cat or a canine. While Arcanine actually has “canine” in its identify, it’s usually in comparison with a lion. This yr’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus game threw additional gas to the fireplace when it launched a model of Growlithe that resembled a Chinese guardian lion, a statue standard in each China and Japan. Watching Edea prance across the park definitely makes it appear to be Arcanine has come to life and actually emphasizes that Arcanine (and Edea) is an excellent canine. 

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