Video: Nintendo Land Will Likely Never Come To Switch, But That’s Okay


    However, one title in particular stood out for its incredibly unique gameplay that really showcased the Wii U’s capabilities, and that was Nintendo Land. While there are many who, perhaps rightly, believe the title should have been included with the Wii U, it’s a beloved title among Nintendo fans.

    To discuss the game in more detail, our video producer Zion joins ex-push square video producer Liam Richardson, who now spends his time creating lovely content on stone paper shotgun. The two talk about game memories of him, what was good about him, and what maybe he was. No so good.

    It’s a bit long, so make sure you get comfortable, have a cup of tea and such, and enjoy.

    Do you hope that Nintendo will revisit Nintendo Land in some way? How would you like to see him return? Let us know!


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