Vampire's Fall: Origins Gameplay And Character Guide

This guide is will go over some of the basics that players either pickup on earlier in the game, things that are good to know about the game before you buy, and ideas for character builds, abilities and theories. I hope to expand this in the future to explore all quests and enemy types, etc. At the time of writing this I have two characters one lvl 17 and the other 30.

(Please note: I will be pulling some info from the Vampire’s Fall: Origin Wiki page.)

Rolling a New Character – Lineage

Like most RPG’s you will get to choose a gender, and give your character some facial features and skin color. Unlike most RPG’s there’s only one major stat that’ll slightly determine your play style and that is your Lineage. There are four to choose from:


The Nosferatu family are known for their power and cruelty. They take pride in being feared and will destroy anyone that threatens them. Bonus: +8% Gold drop


Magistravs are known for magic and neutrality. They tend to themselves., avoid conflict and do everything they can to advance their knowledge of the magical arts. Bonus: +2% Item drop


The Ranjeni family are masters of deception. In battle they often pretend to be wounded before attacking with full force. Results matter, the truth doesn’t. Bonus: +2% Dodge


Equides consider the world to be evil. Only with compassion and kindness can humans tip the scales back into favour of the good, and purge the evils of the world. Bonus: +5% XP

Your Character – Inventory

Your character screen will look like this. Notice you have equipment slots for gear, weapons, rings, a necklace, and some other oddities (like capes). Once an item is in your equipment slot you can equip it to either your right or left hand. Right handed weapons will always be your dominant weapon used in combat, while your off-hand weapon will be used if you chose a focus attack (ei using a sword and shield, two axes, or two daggers). Notice the section int the bottom right is used for potions – healing, travelling, or used for attracting enemies. You can have 4 and unlock a 5th.

As you start acquiring gear, weapons, trinket, etc your stats will change. You ability to dodge or increase damage can be affected, your health or Focus regeneration might go up – it all depends on your play style and luck finding items out in the world.

Bloodlines – Overview

Bloodlines are your skill points that can buff up your for all you need to survive the world of Vampire’s Fall: Origin. Each time you level up you will earn 4 skills points to distribute as you wish.

They are broken up into three types, each with a set of tiers. Putting enough points into one tier will unlock the next tier.

Bloodlines – Anger

Anger – Focuses on combat, dealing damage, increasing damage types. Great for hard hitting play styles.

Tier 1

Expert hitter (0/3): +1 Max damage with weapons

Tier 2

Precise hitter (0/20): +0.3 % Chance for critical hit

Piercing expert (0/30): +3% Damage with piercing weapons

Blunt expert (0/30): +3% Damage with blunt weapons

Slash expert (0/30): +3% Damage with slash weapons

Tier 3

Hard Precise Hitter (0/30): +2% Critical hit damage

Poison Expert (0/15): +8% Poison damage per tick

Bleed Expert (0/15): +6% Bleed dump damage

Harder Hitter (0/10): +1 Max damage with weapons

Tier 4

Poison Mastery (0/20): +2% Critical chance per poison tick

Bleed Mastery (0/20): +2% Critical chance for bleed dump

Stunning Strike (0/10): +1% Chance for critical hits to stun target (if your weapon has a stun chance)

Berserk (0/20): +5% Damage when HP is under 25%

Bloodlines – Vitality

Vitality – Specializing on increasing health, focus, focus regeneration, and armor. Great for making your typical rpg style Tank.

Tier 1

Lesser health (0/3): +2 Max HP

Tier 2

Minor health (0/25): +3 Max HP

Healthy combo (0/20): +1 HP regeneration on Combo turn

Improved focus (0/25): +3 Max focus

Arcane Armor (0/10): +2% armor

Tier 3

Major health (0/25): +5 Max HP

Improved Focus Regen (0/20): +0.8 Focus regen per turn

Refreshing combo (0/15): +1.5 Focus regenerated on Combo turn 15

Arcane Damage (0/20): +6% damage with conjure and bat swarm

Tier 4

Greater health (0/30): +0.5 Max HP for each player level

An Extra Combo (0/10): +5% Chance to add one normal attack at the end of Combo turn

Focused Mind (0/20): +5 Starting focus

Arcane Mastery (0/20): +3% Critical chance with conjure and bat swarm

Tier 5

Vampiric touch (0/10): +2% Damage dealt with weapons added as health (max 5% of MAX HP per turn)

Bloodlines – Deceit

Deceit – This is a combination of roguish talents like increasing your ability to dodge, and carry more inventory, but also allows you to reap more from combat such as increasing gold and experience after a victory.

Tier 1

Dodge (0/3): +1% Chance to dodge enemy attacks

Tier 2

Refreshing Dodge (0/20): +2 Focus when successfully dodging an attack

Shield Mastery (0/15): +1% Chance to block with shield

Gold Fever (0/10): +3% more gold from enemies

Strong Back (0/15): +2 Max equip load

Tier 3

Greater Dodge (0/30): +0.5 Chance to dodge enemy attacks

Ranged Defender (0/20): +1.5% Chance to block ranged attacks with shield

Experience Fever (0/10): +5% more XP from enemies

Extra Pocket (0/1): +1 extra slot for crafting potions

Tier 4

Dodging Death (0/10): +5% Chance to keep 1 HP when an enemy does a killing blow

Shield Mastery (0/15): +1% Chance to block with shield

Extra Pocket (0/1): +1 extra slot for crafting potions


There are Three categories for your abilities: Control, Instinct, and Might . You will unlock abilities once you’ve reached certain points in the game or once you’ve reached the appropriate level. Each of these will give you an ability to use in combat. Like all RPG’s some are good, some are okay, some are questionable, and others pretty meh. Most have the potential to be good in the hands of a very patient player. I’ve listed a little about each ability and my personal take on them. Please note, I have two characters ATM both under level 40 so I have not had a chance to use all of them quite yet.


Backstab – Grants you an attack (two if you have an offhand weapon) and a chance to attack again with the possibility of stacking up to five times. I use this ability the most – combined with bleed and poison dots this is one of the best abilities I’ve seen in the game and well worth the Focus cost of 30 points during combat. If you get a chance to use it more than once during the Combo Rounds chances are you’ll drop most foes with ease.

Bat Swarm – I’m on the fence about this one. Everyone likes having minions and a damage over time debuff on your enemy but you have to cast the ability which takes an action so unless your in a combo round and have the points to spare you won’t be attacking. The bats deal damage over time and have the ability to increase their damage through a Bloodline ability. They will deal damage during the enemy turn once your opponent has attacked. Great for early game but needs buff to be useful late game.

Conjure – Shoots out a ball of Dark Magic to damage your opponent. I’ve been using this as of my 40’s and it deals significant damage. During Combo round I can fire several and they never seem to miss.

Petrify – I have not used this ability yet.


Sharpen – Instead of attacking you sharpen your weapons to increase their base damage for a few rounds. Great for early game or against basic foes.

Bite – Another very useful ability and your only way to heal during combat – unless you take late game skills. For 45 Focus you fling yourself at your opponent, auto hitting and dealing damage while healing a little bit, more if you increase your ability with points. This ability is maxed on both my characters.

Fracture – Adds a debuff to your enemy reducing their resistance. Not bad, not terrible to get early on but I’ve used it so few times.

Fortify – Armor buff, increased your armor for a few rounds. Great for squishy characters. My rogue uses this ability.


Gained after standing in Sacred Bush Circles and defeating its Pillar Guard that pop up.

Revitalize: Heal 15% HP after each fight.

Location: Northeast of Avan Sacred Bush Circle.

Clarity: Find out the greatest weakness of the enemy.

Location: South of the Ruins of Aendisea Sacred Bush Circle.

Vigor: Run 8% faster.

Location: North East of Cahl’s Creek Tavern at East Woodland Battlegrounds Sacred Bush Circle.

Daemon Call: Wild brutals are 100% more likely to find you.

Location: Mor Nyth Sacred Bush Circle.

Greed: +33% higher chance for Dragonling.

Location: Dreary Mire Sacred Bush Circle.

Magus: Choose damage type for Conjure. If not active Dark is default.

Location: North of Kamengrad Sacred Bush Circle.

Open World

Open world gameplay is one of the defining features of the game since you will be traveling the land, venturing into towns and the unknown, talking to different people to pick up on gossip and gather quests, buying stuff from vendors, and just exploring. The map is vast and I have not seen it all yet. There appears to be others areas outside of the map too and perhaps even parts that will be explored with later content.

You will travel at a fairly modest speed and this speed can be increased with an ability (See Abilities for more details) but there are no mounts – at least that I can find.

During this travel time you can stay on the path or stay from it. You can interact with people quest givers, treasure chest, some location or points of interest.

Sometimes your travelling can be halted due to a random encounter. (See Combat for more details).

Some areas seem cut off from the rest of the world since their monsters will have greater health and hit like a freight train, but fear not those areas can be explored once you’ve level up a little more.


Questing is one of the easier ways to level up in the game. Just about any time you approach an NPC with a yellow exclamation point over their head they will offer you a quest.

Main Quests will always be titled Origin and pertain to the main story of the game. Like Side quests they can be completed at your convenience.

Side Quests are secondary achievements and you will come across them on the road, in various times, or just by being in certain places at the right time.

Your Quest Log will update as you acquire more and make progress on your current ones. Completed quests show up on a list, but details about them disappear once completed.

Active Quests will show up as circled red exclamation points on your map and on your mini map once you get close.

Like most RPG’s quests quest types can vary.

– Kill Quests: Where you need to go kill something or a list of things.

– Fetch/Gather Quests: Gather a specific items or items. This can include collecting clues.

– Talk Quest: Need to go talk to someone or a few people

Combat Part 1 – Basics

Combat is a focus of the main game and you will find yourself getting into fights by walking through the woods (think old Pokémon games), accepting fights from quest givers or confrontation with NPCs, and if you choose the evil route you can even enter a few random fights. When you see the above screen Combat has been initiated.

Focus is the primary resource used for everything except your most basic attack (which used your right hand weapon only) and all your abilities will require between 25-50 Focus. You will regain some Focus at the start of each of your turns and a significant amount during Combo Turns (more on that in a bit). Combat is dangerous and you can be killed by using a misplaced attack or ability, bad luck, or poorly managing your focus.

You have the chance to flee in the menu option on the combat screen. Doing this will provide you with a percentage to chance to run away with your remaining health intact. 100% guarantees you will run away safely, and 81% means there will be a chance the enemy will run you down and kill you.

Most fights will be one-on-one but there are group fights where you will battle a gang/squad/pack one at a time till the group is dead.

Combo turns occur every third turn and you will be given a significant boost to you Focus and a chance to queue a few attacks/abilities to try and chain some great combination or inflict brutal damage on your opponent. Some skills give you perks like increased Focus or HP during Combo Turns.

For Example: A roguish character might use Backstab during a regular turn for 30 Focus and have a chance to stack up to five attacks on their opponent. Sounds great right? During a Combo Turn if that Rogue has 90 Focus they can use Backstab up to three times – giving them to potential to strike their enemy up to fifteen times!

Combo Turns give you a chance to land a strike and maybe heal with your Bite or give yourself a boost with one of your other combat abilities.

When you see this screen it means combat has been initiated with a creature that possess a significant threat – such as a boss or unique monster – and you will need to be appropriately leveled and able to properly utilize your Focus abilities to defeat.

You can come across these monsters on the map marked by two crossed red swords or randomly out I the wild such as with the Rat King and Wolf Mother, however random encounters usually have a 100% chance to flee, so although they are hard to find if you encounter them at an early level there’s a chance to escape so you can come back and try again later with out dying.

Combat Part 2 – Dots

Anyone whoever played a Warlock in World of Warcraft knows what a dot is, so I will be using the term a lot. A dot – either a buff or debuff – is an active ability than last for a limited duration and will affect either the PC or the enemy you face in combat.

The PC has a number of dots that can be placed on an enemy, and vice versa.

Poison – Some weapons such as a dagger will offer bonus damage in the form of a dot that will be placed on the enemy once struck. Each time an enemy gets hit with a point dot their duration and damage will increase. Poison damage effects an enemy at the end of their turn and their poison dot will slowly decrease to show the weapons duration depleting. Anger Skills can greatly increase poison damage. When your enemy has a poison dot, it ill be indicated with a green box under their life bar.

* I use Poison weapons in my offhand so when I use Focus Attack I hit for the main damage of my primary weapon and have a chance to hit for some poison.

* Poison does not carry over in group fights, so if Enemy A dies from poison but still has a duration, Enemy B will not have the same dot placed on them despite the visual affect suggesting otherwise

* Although I have yet to come across an enemy immune to poison damage, I do notice enemies dodging poison attacks more frequently than not (ei late game rats and some undead).

Bleed – Another really great ability that can have its damage increased with Anger Skills. Bleed does the weapon’s base damage and puts a Bleed dot on the opponent in the form of a percent. Should this percentage reach 100% percent then the enemy bleeds out – killing most early/weaker monsters and doing significant damage to stronger ones. You will find the red Bleed box under your enemy’s health bar on the combat screen.

* I use Bleed with my main hand since it will deal weapon damage and add the dot. This can be stacked so you can use two weapons with Bleed or use Bleed in one hand and Poison in the other.

* Enemies can be Poisoned and Bleed at the same time.

* If there is a duration for Bleed I have yet to notice it.

*When Bleed reaches 100% on stronger monsters they will not die instantly but take significant damage and the dot will disappear, needing to be re-added.

*Bleed is best combined with Backstab since the ability gives you multiple chances to chin up to five attacks – each one having the potential to land 10-15% bleed per attack unless you upgrade with skill points.

*Like Poison I have yet to encounter and enemy immune to Bleed, but I do notice some monsters able to dodge attacks with Bleed completely. Could just be luck.

There are other abilities and dots that can be added to your enemy during combat but I do not use them as much as Bleed or Poison.

Bat Swarm: Summon a bat swarm damage over 5 turns. Damage increase per point. 4-8 damage increase per level. Unlocks at Level 5. Bat Swarm will deal damage at the end of an enemy turn.

Fracture: Reduce enemy physical resistance. 1% increase per point. Unlocks at Level 8.

Petrify: Reduce enemy dodge chance by 55% for 2 turns. 3% increase per point. Unlocks at Level 25. Although this sounds cool I wish it would be for three or more turns. I just can’t justify using it for the Focus cost right now, but I might use it more late game.

Combat Part 3 – Enemy Dots

Just as you can place dots on your enemy so they can too. Some of their dots can stacks and be devastating like the one in this pic above reducing max amount of focus – which cripples my character being heavily reliant on focus to use her abilities.

Some enemies have the ability to heal themselves for a certain amount of time.

Many enemies have abilities to reduce your chance to dodge, regain focus, decrease max focus or ability to regenerate. I’m hoping to touch up on this as I gather more info.


You will die in this game. A lot. You will die as you start to get a feel for the combat system and find methods that work for you. You’re going to enter into the wrong cave and get one or two shotted by a beast with four times your health. It happens to us all. When die you’ll be transported to the nearest town/friendly NPC and will lose a bit of gold – it’s the price of being brought back to life.

Unlike Diablo or Wow your items/weapons do not have durability so you don’t have to spend on repairs. Big Plus.

The amount owed for your revival does go up – mine is currently sitting at 10 gold per revival.

Dying is a cheap way to spawn at a nearby settlement if you don’t have Bat Potions to port back to town.

Crafting – Potions

Like many other RPG’s there is potion crafting, but you do not need to gather ingredients. You only need to be in a town/settlement and have an open spot on your potion crafting back and some time to kill. Weaker potions takes less time to creation but once you reach 200 HP the only way to go is have some full health potions on standby. The times for crating are listed in the pic above. Craft times continue even when you log out or leave town.

You will not be able to view their progress when you leave town if you have one or more in production.

Two potions/stones can be created at a time, or a third if you take the ability to do so.

Crafting – Anvil/Bloodstones

Bloodstones are a pretty cool part of the game. They can be crafted like potions – 2 at a time, and they can be found randomly after beating creatures/enemies out in the wild. Each one can be used at an anvil in town to increase an item’s stats. The chance to improve an item usually starts at 70% and reduces each time you try and improve, forcing you to craft more bloodstones.

If you replace an item or weapon that has had a bloodstone used to improve, the bloodstone can be removed at the anvil. Do this before you sell and improved item.

Items improved by bloodstones will have a little red mark in its box when viewed in your inventory.

Update Log

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Gameplay – Open World (Completed)

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Gameplay – Combat Part 1 – Basics (Completed)

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Update Log

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