Vampire Survivors Weapons Upgrade Path

Vampire Survivors Weapons Upgrade Path

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Item combinations to upgrade your weapons

Weapon Combinations

To upgrade a weapon you must have both the weapon and have picked up a level of corresponding item. When the weapon is level 8 and you have the item it will be upgraded when you open a chest that drops when you kill a high level evemy.

Axe + Candelabra

Cross + Clover

Fire Wand + Spinach

King Bible + Spellbinder

Knife + Gloves

Magic Wand + Empty Tome

Whip + Hollow Heart

As of version 0.2.6g these are the only weapons that can be evolved

Some items will only appear when you unlock the related achievement:

Candelabra – Get Santa water to Level 4

Spellbinder – Get Runetracer to Level 7

Empty Tome – Hold 6 different weapons at once

Fire wand – Destroy 20 light sources

Clover – Find a clover

Cross – Find a rosary

Power up upgrades

You can buy Power ups with coins gathered during runs. At any point in time you can refund all coins and reallocate them to choose different power ups.

These power ups only come into effect if you catch the corresponding items in a run so if you don’t want to pick them up don’t waste coins on them.
Except for the power up “Amount” that applies to all weapons and should be your first go to.

For every power up chosen the cost will go up for the next level and for every other different power up, this makes it that you have to be careful in the order of the upgrades to optimize your coins

Upgrade path on a single skill
Level 0 – base cost
Level 1 – base cost * 2.2
Level 2 – base cost * 3.6
Level 3 – base cost * 5.2
Level 4 – base cost * 7.0

For each level upgraded all other skills will increase the cost by 10% of their base cost * number of levels +1.
Example: Greed at level 2 -> 3 costs 720, if there are three other upgraded power ups then its cost to upgrade to level 3 is:
(200 * (number of levels + 1) * 0.1) * (number of levels in other power ups) + base cost * 3.6
= (200 * 3 * 0.1) * 3 + 720 = 900

This causes that to get better use out of your coins you should upgrade starting with the most expensive cost downwards since the 10% increase in cost is higher in power ups with higher base cost. Since there is no penalty to refunding you can try it for yourself