Vampire Survivors Mods Character Editing Guide

Vampire Survivors Mods Character Editing Guide

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Vampire Survivors Mods Character Editing Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Kormit the Frag. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.

how to edit every lil thing, from weapon rarities, to character stats to just straight up adding your own character/ modifying an existing one entirely.


I’m obligated to say DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, not that there should be much of one, but that depends what you try to change.

There are a few steps to take first before we do anything.

1. Make sure you have some sort of text editor with a CTRL-F function, Notepad++ is good.

2. Navigate to Library > Vampire Survivors > Properties > Local Files > Browse > resources > app > .webpack > renderer

3. Copy & Paste main.bundle.js to somewhere else, doesn’t matter where, so long as its backed up so you can fall back on it if you break something.

4. Once that is done, open the one still located in your game folder with your text editor.

(on the right click menu, either “open with…” or “edit with Notepad++/your text editor”)

and now, some ground “rules”, particularly important in general, whether or not you’re doing it guideless which isnt recommended.

1. absolutely do not change anything at the top, the functions and variables n that.

2. don’t change anything thats in all caps, that will likely break alot of things

3. try not to fiddle with the long strings of different numbers and letters unless you know what you’re doing with them

4. don’t change characters that haven’t been released yet because i have no idea if they’ll work, they’re missing alotttt of things to even be functional, and when they are actually released then whatever you do will be overwritten anyway – same applies for weapons, if you select a starting weapon as an unreleased one, it will appear as a whip on the menu, then crash when you hit play.

Unlocking ‘The Red Death’

used to unlock the Red Death character, which is only usually obtained by killing the boss at level 30, which is basically impossible without exploits, suffering, or doing something silly like setting damage to 10000000000 and hoping it works, because it doesn’t.

1. Do the steps in the introduction

2. in your text editor, press CTRL+F and in the search box that shows up, type “Red Death” without quotations.

Luckily there should only be one entry for this character in the file so you shouldn’t be able to mess it up, but along the same line it should say things like “description”, “price” “maxhp” etc.

3. locate the part that says “hidden’:!0x0” just before where it says “Red Death” and “startingWeapon SCYTHE” (if you wanna mess with that check the other section)

4. delete the “!” so it becomes “hidden’:0x0,”

5. CTRL+S and you’re done. The character will be visible, but not purchased – they typically cost about 1500 or something around that range.

Editing Weapon Stats & Loot Table


This is an interesting one, probably something most people won’t use, but the reason its even here is because this allows you to make the Cherry Bomb and Bone visible on every character like any other weapon would when you level up.


1. Follow the steps in the introduction

2. CTRL+F for ‘name’:’Cherry Bomb’ INCLUDING QUOTES (ofc, replace cherry bomb with whichever weapon you want)

3. Along the same line as ‘name’:’Cherry Bomb’, after the description and then some, you should see ‘rarity’:0x1

simply change the 1 to “50” to give it the same rarity as lightning ring and other such weapons.

it should look like ‘rarity:0x50’

NOTE: this shouldnt work with evolved weapons since they have weapon requirements to be obtained. you could probably remove the requirement though and it would work, but i dont fancy breaking the game just yet so feel free if you’ve got the spare time, just make sure you back up the file.

It does work with everything else though, names Bone and Cherry which can now be added to the item pool.


1. Follow the steps in the introduction

2. CTRL+F for ‘name’:’Cherry Bomb’ INCLUDING QUOTES (ofc, replace cherry bomb with whichever weapon you want)

3. along the same line as that you will see things like “power”, “area” and “speed” etc.

just change the value after it; it will either be in hex or decimal (but either should work)

if hex: change the number after the x so “0x1” -> “0x2” or something

if not: just put the number you want, ie “area:1” means “area:100%” (or default)

NOTE: setting damage to a stupidly high number will just break the game, atleast on garlic, so dont do that.

Editing Character Base Stats

This is BASE stats, BEFORE they are affected by powerups, so just forget what powerups you have or dont have when doing this.

If you’re planning on just testing this, i’d recommend trying it on Exdash since nobody is gonna care that the meme character is no longer a meme, but you can do it on anyone.

1. Follow the steps in the introduction

2. CTRL+F for ‘charName’:’Exdash’ INCLUDING THE QUOTATIONS, just copy that into the search bar tbh.

along this line you should see things like “luck”, “growth”, “amount” etc as well as exdash’s description.

3. You can change the numbers of each stat to change the characters BASE stats.

Some stats follow different formats, however, so you can’t just change them all to the same thing. here’s the rundown:

a. movespeed, power, cooldown, area, speed, duration, luck, growth, greed and curse are all percentage based, so if you were to change them all to be like ‘cooldown’:1, then in this case, his base cooldowns are 100% of their value. If you set this to ‘cooldown’:0.5, then he’d have -50% cooldowns, this applies to all of the above in their own respective ways.

b. regen is also a decimal value, but not a percentage, so ‘regen’:0.5 would be a starting value of 0.5 hp per second etc.

c. magnet, rerolls, skips, revivals, maxhp, price, armor and amount are all integers, so i believe changing them to, say, ‘revivals’:0x1 or ‘revivals:1’ would both result in starting with 1 revival

maxhp and price are typically in hex, so look up a converter for that (0x64 is the default 100hp). Armor should be a flat amount of damage blocked each hit.

4. after you’ve changed things, CTRL+S and start the game up

Changing Starting Weapon

1. CTRL+F for character you want to change the weapon for,


CTRL+F and type ‘charName’:Antonio’ and just before his name on that same line should be ‘startingWeapon’:_0x3e9f6b[‘WHIP’]

simply, change ‘WHIP’ to something from below

if you see a weapon smth like startingWeapon’:_0x3e9f6b[0x3e9f6b[x45ed]] or smth to that effect, just change it to the same as that whip format and continue

2. CTRL+S you’re done

items may have different names to what you’re expecting so ill try and make a dictionary:

whip = WHIP

peachone = SILF

ebony wings = SILF2

vanadalier = SILF3

axe = AXE

death spiral = SCYTHE

pentagram = PENTAGRAM

lightning ring = LIGHTNING

thunder loop = LOOP

bone = BONE

cross = CROSS

evo cross = HEAVENSWORD

bible = HOLYBOOK

evil vespers = VESPERS

laurel = LAUREL

knife = KNIFE

evolved knife = THOUSAND

cherry = CHERRY

mana song = SONG

evolved mana = MANNAGGIA

clock lancet = LANCET

garlic = GARLIC

soul eater = VORTEX

santa water = HOLYWATER

La Borra = BORA

fire wand = FIREBALL

hellfire = HELLFIRE


evo wand = HOLY_MISSILE

runetracer = DIAMOND

evolved whip? = VAMPIRICA

???? (unreleased evolved laurel?) = THORNS

???? = VOID


before you ask, yes this is a fine idea, i mean, you can start a duplicator if you want and take your free level up on library so you have a build where you’re not forced into one of your weapons (lets be honest, you’re doing duplicator every game anyway if you’re not trolling)

spellbinder = DURATION

attract orb = MAGNET

skull = CURSE

bracer = SPEED


???? = SHIELD

candelabrador = AREA

tigamisu = REVIVAL

stone mask = GREED

clover = LUCK

crown = GROWTH

pummarola = REGEN


armor = ARMOR

max hp = MAXHEALTH

duplicator = AMOUNT

spinach = MIGHT


i doubt these work ngl

???? = GOLD

???? = SILVER

Rosary (screen wipe) = ROSARY

???? = SIRE

???? = CART

Flamethrower = NDUJA

Character Passives

Now the fun part which will probably be more than just copying and pasting again.

In this specific example, i modified Exdash because its Exdash.

firstly, i changed all of his base stats to be 1, ie, default. (see other chapter for how to do that)

you can add passives to characters, which i did in this case: Exdash now gains 1% of every stat every level up, but you can do whatever you want, here’s how i did it:

1. introduction steps

2. CTRL+F for ‘charName’:’Exdash’

along the lines after this phrase, there are all of his stats, then there is a bunch of gibberish after ‘showcase’: which i said not to touch in the rules, so look past all of that and up to where it says {‘luck:0.1, ‘level:0xa’).

3. in between the end of the gibberish, and just before that luck bit ^, add in:


this basically means that you get 1% of pretty much every stat every level.

the resulting line should look like


naturally, you can do those sorts of passives such as “gains projectiles every X levels” in the same way, but instead just steal the code from one of the characters who has it and change the numbers.

make sure it is in this exact place, after the showcase, make sure there is a comma before and after the passive, make sure there are no spaces at all

Changing/ Adding Characters (WIP)

If you haven’t noticed from doing any of the other sections, once you go to the character line in the file, you can change charName:name to whatever you want, as well as the sprite.

To add custom skins/ sprites, see these guides:

adding characters is a similar principle i suppose, but you’d have to add literally everything in by hand all over the main json file, which would take a while, but its theoretically possible.

you could also change existing, unreleased characters, but i doubt it’d work since they’re unfinished and will be overwritten/ broken when they actually release.

theoretically you could make the flamethrower its own weapon, just sayin’

some experienced modders can have fun figuring all this out i suppose :/