Vampire MMO Shadows Kiss pushes Steam to return early access to the end of the new year


    You were beaten by the vampire and the vampire vampire for a massive multiplayer game, so you wouldn’t wonder whether you’d be able to shake your teeth in Shadows Kiss. The good news is that its early access launch is imminent, but the bad news is that its got delayed a few days.

    Studio Clockwork Thorne announced it needed to change the release from March 28th to 30th. Unfortunately, there is no need for this, due to the fact that the studio can’t send Steam keys until the next week unless players petition them in direct fashion.

    The studio hopes the release will serve as a rally for the project: Some of us are back working on Shadows Kiss with full time, and it’s our hope that early access allows us to continue to expand and improve Shadows Kiss with regular content updates and expansions.

    Source: Kickstarter. Thanks DDO Central!


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