Vampire Academy Raises the Stakes by Killing Mikhail


The following incorporates spoilers for Vampire Academy Season 1, Episode 5, “Near Guard, Far Guard,” now streaming on Peacock.

Vampire Academy raised the stakes when St. Vladimir’s Academy misplaced Mikhail Tanner. Only midway by way of its first season, the sequence isn’t any stranger to loss. Lissa Dragomir was thrust additional into the highlight after the deaths of her mom, father and now her brother. St Jude’s Academy, a neighboring faculty, suffered a bloodbath by the Strigoi throughout the Peacock drama’s four-episode premiere. The lack of Mikhail introduced every thing nearer to house for most of the present’s predominant gamers in one other instance of a supernatural drama creating even larger penalties.

As heartbreaking as it’s, the upsetting nature of Mikhail’s loss underscored why it was crucial. His loss of life and its layered context created a ripple impact all through Season 1, Episode 5, “Near Guard, Far Guard.” It painfully pulled breakthrough moments from characters like Rose Hathaway and Sonya Karp. Those noticeable shifts within the characters pivoted Vampire Academy‘s story within the path of the revolution it continues to tease. Plus, Mikhail’s loss of life veered away from the canon of Richelle Mead’s e-book sequence — proving Vampire Academy plans to shock even essentially the most loyal followers.

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Mikhail’s involvement within the sequence was not as central as Rose and Lissa’s, however his position was vital. In 5 episodes, Vampire Academy‘s writing and Max Parker’s efficiency made it straightforward to root for Mikhail and his relationship with Sonya. The pair solely shared a couple of brief scenes, however their connection was real. The small particulars like Mikhail singing previous Moroi opera to make Sonya smile and tapping Rose’s boot to spice up her confidence mattered. They made Mikhail a fully-formed character quite than merely a tool for the plot.

Investment in Mikhail and his relationships strengthened the general connection to him in order that his loss of life was painful and shocking, even when it was foreshadowed within the episode earlier than. In Season 1, Episode 4, “Benchmark,” Mikhail primarily cosplayed as a Strigoi alongside Dimitri to coach the Dhampir Guardians. Then as tensions rose throughout “Near Guard, Far Guard,” Mikhail’s line about having a date to get to grew to become extra of a purple flag than a white one, figuring out {that a} Strigoi lurks within the shadows. Even Mikhail’s phrases of knowledge to Rose began to style bittersweet.

When Rose was pushed to the purpose of staking Mikhail, it stung everybody concerned — together with the viewers. Mikhail could have been a Strigoi when Rose killed him, however he nonetheless seemed and fought like himself. In a matter of minutes, Dimitri misplaced one other pal whereas Rose misplaced probably the greatest individuals in her nook… and by her personal hand. Rose’s response grew to become much more devastating when paired with Sonya’s response, as Sonya was nonetheless within the outfit that she deliberate to put on on her date with Mikhail when Mia advised her he was lifeless.

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In these moments, Vampire Academy seamlessly wove coming-of-age drama with the implications of its supernatural world steeped in outdated politics. Losing Mikhail induced Sonya to make use of her spirit talents to presumably treatment her father, which pushed her additional into the darkness. Lissa knew she wanted to make private sacrifices to assist others, so she ended her relationship with Christian. Rose grew nearer to Dimitri as she shielded her true emotions about that evening from Lissa and Mason. Mikhail’s loss of life would not occur in a vacuum.

The affordable argument stands that Mikhail’s loss of life and its results have been avoidable had the Council reconsidered its choice to let a Strigoi hunt the Dhampirs. His loss will not be in useless, giving Victor a bigger platform to criticize the Dominion’s dangerous politics. There’s additionally the likelihood that Vampire Academy will play with loopholes like fellow teen supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries and its universe so usually did, ultimately revealing Mikhail in some way lived.

Yet the rapid results of Mikhail’s loss of life will not lose their which means if he’s alive. Plus, that twist would create a path to discover the Strigoi extra. From what the present reveals about Christian’s mother, she sounds extra lucid than Mikhail seemed to be earlier than his loss of life. That distinction could also be an indication that the Strigoi are extra sophisticated beings than anybody is aware of. Nikhail’s loss of life has quite a few related implications for the world Vampire Academy is constructing — and makes the sequence even higher.

New episodes of Vampire Academy stream Thursdays on Peacock.

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