VALORANT Map Breeze receives substantial rework, not all pros are happy about it



    As VALORANT unveils a significant overhaul for the map Breeze for Episode 7 Act 2, with Fracture and Pearl stepping out of the rotation for tweaks, the professional esports community has been quick to offer their initial reactions to the changes.

    Feedback so far has been mixed, underlining the controversial status Breeze has in the VALORANT community.

    Breeze changes are substantial

    As part of the map rotation and in an effort to improve maps, the developers at Riot Games rotate maps out and rework them. This time it was Breeze’s turn.

    Known as one of the more controversial VALORANT maps since its introduction, the changes made to Breeze are not just minor tweaks. 

    They drastically alter various areas of the map in ways that can fundamentally change gameplay. It represents what some call the most extensive map rework in VALORANT’s history.

    For those wanting a visual comparison, the company shared an illustrative before-and-after picture thread on Twitter, offering a side-by-side glimpse of how different sections of the map have been transformed.

    Pro community reactions

    The esports community’s reactions to the new changes have been mixed and passionate. American shoutcaster Doug “EsportsDoug” Corte succinctly summed up the changes to Breeze, tweeting, “These changes are huge. It’s like a whole new map.”

    Analyst Sean Gears highlighted potential benefits, stating on Twitter that the modifications could “increase agent diversity and make the map feel more balanced,” while noting that the map also comes with new “ratty spots that have been created for lurkers.”

    Gears further elaborated that with updates to the halls and middle, defenders might now have a considerable advantage. While he remains uncertain about changes to Breeze’s B site, he expressed approval for alterations made to the A site and shops, adding, “Thank god the bottom of the pyramid was fixed for lineups.”

    NAVI coach Erik “d00mbr0s” Sandgren’s feedback was on the opposite spectrum. He lamented the removal of maps like Fracture, expressing frustration with VALORANT’s apparent shift toward a “fixed meta.” 

    Drawing a comparison to Haven, a map present since the game’s inception, he described his feelings saying, “as a coach these maps feel like ‘water flavored ice-cream’ compared to a map like Fracture.”



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