Valorant error ‘failed to save settings to server’: how to fix it



    Although online multiplayer games work flawlessly most of the time, it’s not uncommon to encounter an error from time to time, either on your end or on the developer’s side. Valorant is no exception to this, and the Valorant “Failed to save settings to server” error can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it pops up out of the blue. Here’s how to fix it.

    How to fix Valorant “Failed to save settings to server” error

    Players may encounter this error when trying to save any changes to their settings in Valorant, be it key combinations, graphics or audio. This is incredibly frustrating, especially when it comes to Valorant gameplay settings like crosshair or sensitivity not saving.

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    There are a handful of possible solutions which you can try to fix ‘failed to save settings to server’ error in Valorant:

    • Reboot Valorant—While this is obvious, it can be a quick and effective solution.
    • Restart your PC—If something went wrong with your PC somewhere that prevents a stable connection, a simple restart can often resolve the issue.
    • Reboot your router—If restarting your game and/or PC doesn’t work, please unplug and plug your router again as sometimes, the connection can become unstable and a restart can give you a much-needed upgrade.
    • Flush your Internet DNS—Finally, if none of the above methods work, try flushing your DNS and see if that helps. To do this on Windows, follow these steps:
      • press the windows key on your keyboard and type cmd to open the Symbol of the system.
      • Write ipconfig /release and press Get into.
      • Write ipconfig/refresh and press Get into.
      • Write ipconfig /flushdns and press Get into.

    If you’re still having trouble saving your settings, the Valorant servers may be down. belowin which case you have no choice but wait for Riot Games to fix.

    How to check the status of the Valorant server

    To check the Valorant server status to determine if the problem is on your end or not, head over to the official Riot Games Service Status Websitewhere the latest errors will be listed.

    If Valorant is down, stay tuned the official Riot Games Support Twitter account for updates on when you can expect the service to return to normal operation.

    If the servers are not down and you are still having problems, open a support ticket with Riot Games through its Submit a Ticket page and detail all the methods you have tried to help speed up the resolution process.

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