VALORANT announces new Sunset map based on Los Angeles


    To coincide with the VALORANT Champions Tour Grand Finals, Riot Games has unveiled its newest masterpiece to join the map pool: Sunset.

    Since launch, VALORANT has taken its map pool and multiplied it with some stunning and engaging designs, with the likes of Pearl, Fracture, Breeze, and Lotus all becoming quite popular amongst the classics like Bind and Haven.

    But now Riot is expanding the map pool again, as the Los Angeles-based Sunset is arriving to inject colour and flair to the game.

    Riot Games reveals new VALORANT Map: Sunset

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    Today, during the pre-match build-up to the VCT Champions Grand Finals, Riot Games has announced Sunset as the next map to arrive in VALORANT.

    The map will be a two-lane design that will rely heavily on mid-control, somewhat similar to how Ascent and Pearl play, with a mixture of ratty corners for those Judge and Bulldog lovers and some long-range assault rifle angles, which could easily become quite pivotal to lock down in case of having a decent Operator amongst your ranks too.

    Its name is also a token of its landscape too, highlighting the famous golden skylines of Los Angeles, where the map is based.

    • VALORANT Designer defends Fracture and Pearl removal amid Sunset arrival

    Sunset arrives in VALORANT with Gekko-inspired Los Angeles background

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    Lead Map Designer Joe Langford revealed that Gekko’s home town – and Riot Games’ for that matter – was the inspiration behind the map, and players will find a range of Los Angeles staples within it.

    From food trucks, art murals designed by LA natives, and the stereotypical traffic jams, there’s a slice of Hollywood in each and every corner of the map.

    Los Angeles has been a huge influence on VALORANT this year, with VCT Champions being held in Riot’s home city, tying into the Sunset reveal.

    Sunset will arrive on August 29 with Episode 7 Act 2, while Fracture and Pearl will be removed from the rotation.


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