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In this valheim Mining guide, we’ll tell you how to get a pickaxe, why you need one, and how to get useful minerals like copper, iron, and more.

How valheim Mining Works

valheim Mining is pretty standard for games like this: you have to find the ore, harvest it with your pickaxe, and then smelt it. Most biomes will have at least one mineral (or other item) that you can collect with your pickaxe.

However, the real challenge is not finding the mineral, but transporting it. Ore cannot be transported through a portal, so you will need to use a ship if you intend to take ore or bars from one island to another.

how to get a valheim Peak

you can get a valheim Pickaxe by acquiring the Hard Antler item. Unfortunately, the only way to get Hard Antler is by defeating the first Eikthyr boss. Preparing to fight Eikthyrnir will involve building your first base, crafting sturdy armor and weapons, and preparing for battle with a variety of good food. You can read more about how to defeat Eikthyrnir in our valheim Guide for beginners.

The pickaxe mainly serves three purposes in the game. Two of his functions only have to do with shaping the land, but one of them is absolutely essential to progress in the game. First of all, you will need the pickaxe to mine ore for metal tools and armor; You simply won’t be able to survive the more challenging areas of the game without upgrading to something sturdier than the basic leather gear you can get early in the game.

Second, the pickaxe can be used to break those troublesome rocks lying everywhere on the ground. In addition to clearing the dirt, these large rocks also serve as a good source of stone.

Finally, the pick can also be used to lower the ground. You could dig a trench to surround your base, flatten the ground a little better, or do something completely different: the valheim Pickaxe opens up a world of terraforming possibilities.

Do you wonder where to find valheim Iron? This powerful metal is a big step up from Bronze and unlocks a few gameplay upgrades, but finding it may not be as clear cut as you’d like.

A great part of Viking survival crafting game. valheim is progressing towards new materials. You’ll start with equipment made of wood, stone, and flint before moving on to metal weapons, tolls, and armor made of bronze. Iron is the next step in the game, and you will have to venture into a new biome to find it.

Valheim Mining Guide - Swamp of the Sunken Crypt

Where to find ore in valheim

Now that you know how valheim Mining Jobs and How to Get a Pickaxe You are probably wondering where you will get all that valuable metal for your equipment. This is where you can find each of the ores in the game.

Where to find copper in valheim

You can find copper in the Black Forest biome. Copper deposits are usually large boulders similar to the large boulders in the area.

Copper can be used to make your first decent set of weapons and tools. Once you get past it, it will still have its uses for crafting and building, especially in terms of lighting fixtures.

where to find pewter at valheim

You can find tin in the Black Forest biome, although it is not as prolific as copper. Tin is usually found near water, be it a river or a shoreline.

Tin is only used for three items: making a cauldron for cooking food, making a meat cleaver for slaughtering animals, and making bronze.

Where to find bronze in valheim

You can’t find Bronze in valheim — you have to make it in a forge by combining copper and tin. Copper and tin can be found in the Black Forest biome.

Bronze is used to make weapons, tools, and armor. Plus, it’s integral to certain Workbench upgrades and equipment you’ll need to make potions and mead.

Where to find iron in valheim

You can find valheim Iron in the swamp biome, although it is not as easy as getting the copper and tin that you have dug up in the Black Forest biome. The easiest iron to access is found in Sunken Crypts, a dungeon in the swamps similar to the burial chambers of Black Forest. Unlike burial chambers, however, sunken crypts are locked. You cannot enter it until you have acquired the Swamp Key by beating the second boss of the game.

Once inside, you will be able to get scrap by digging in “Muddy Scrap Pile”. These large piles of rubbish often block the doors of the sunken crypts, so be careful: you might find some enemies on the other side of the pile you’re digging into. Scrap Iron can also be found in chests within Sunken Crypts.

You can also get scrap from the occasional muddy scrap pile hidden below the surface of the swamp or by mining for ancient armor in the Mistlands biome.

Iron can be used for weapons, tools, and armor, but that’s not all it’s good for: it’s also an integral part of many important crafting and construction pieces.

Where to find silver in valheim

You can find silver in the mountains biome, but it won’t be easy to get to it – silver is buried underground. It is very difficult to find Silver without using Wishbone, a magical item that you can obtain by defeating Bonemass.

Silver can be used to make weapons and armor. Fundamentally, it is an integral component in making the layers that protect you from the cold.


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