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There is much to explore in Valheim, all of which can be discovered within each biome in the game. With a plethora of resources, tools, enemies, creatures, and more, it can be hard to find your way around. In this valheim Meadows Biome Guide, we’ll explain each of the creatures, places worth visiting, plants to collect, and even enemies to watch out for in the Meadows area.

Where is the valheim Grassland biome?

the valheim Meadow is the first place you set foot when you land from the sky. The Meadow is the first biome you come into contact with and where you will learn how the game works. With the help of a giant raven, you’ll learn how to find food, hunt, kill enemies, and more.

valheim Meadows Biome Creatures


There are animals that just run wild in the meadow, one of which is the deer. Although they are naturally tame and won’t attack you, it’s best to take them down for materials and resources like Deer Meat, Deer TrophiesY deerskin to use to craft items and summon the Meadows boss.

valheim Grassland Biome Plants

  • raspberries
  • red mushrooms
  • Dandelion

valheim New elements of the meadows biome

  • deer trophy
  • workbench
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Fine wood
  • Flint

valheim Meadows Biome Guide | list of enemies

Here are the enemies you will come across during your travels in the Meadow Biome in valheim:

Wild pig

Boars are long-tusked forest creatures that attack with headbutts when you get close to melee and growling loudly. Boars can also be tamed later in the game.


Greylings are peculiar-looking goblin-like creatures with glowing yellow eyes. They attack on sight and use their claw-like fingers to slide towards you to attack.


Necks are small green lizard-like creatures that seem to travel in packs. Its attacks consist of melee biting and running away to attack you and bite you once more. They can usually be found near water and will attack on sight.

gray dwarf

These enemies will only appear once the Meadows boss has been killed. These energetic creatures will attack on sight and look almost identical to grayling, but are much larger and have bright blue eyes. Although they use a similar dash attack, they are much stronger than grayling, so be prepared for anything. These creatures only appear at night and will disappear when daylight arrives.

Who is the boss in the Meadows biome?

The boss of the Biome Meadows in valheim it is Eikthyr.

Screenshot of Eikthyr of Valheim in the meadows

valheim Meadows Biome Locations

Here are the most notable locations of the Meadow Biome in Valheim:

abandoned shelter

Screenshot of an abandoned cabin in the Valheim Meadows, Valheim Meadows Biome Guide

There are several of these buildings scattered throughout the Meadows that can be used as temporary shelter when you first start your journey. Valheim. These buildings are randomly generated when the world is spawned, therefore there are no exact locations for these abandoned buildings. Structures like this are excellent places to warm up by the fire and rest at night away from the dangers that lurk.

Buildings like this are a great way to gather wood by taking them down with whatever weapons you have available. The most strategic way to take down these buildings would be to use an axe.

viking burial grounds

Screenshot of the Viking Graveyard in Valheim, Valheim Meadows Biome Guide

There are several different Viking burial grounds that can be found as you wander through the Meadows. These locations are known to house hidden treasures that can be sold or used for crafting. To find the treasure hidden below, you must use a pickaxe to dig deep underground, which can uncover a treasure chest or unearth gold and other items as you dig.

The Initial Altar

The Altar Landing Zone, Valheim Meadows Biome Guide

This Altar is where you will land when you first enter. valheim and it will become your base of operations of all kinds. This is because you have to go back multiple times after defeating bosses to place their trophies on the designated altar. This is also the first place you will come face to face with the ever-helpful raven known as Hugin, who is one of Odin’s mighty ravens.

Altar of Eikthyr

Screenshot of Eikthyr's altar in Valheim, Valheim Meadows Biome Guide

When you first come across this Altar, make sure to click on the glowing red stone. When you click on it, a message will appear giving you a hint as to what is needed to spawn the boss. For example, clicking on Eikthyr’s glowing red stone will bring up “Kill his kin”, which means you’ll need to hunt deer to collect two of his heads, known as deer trophies. These trophies are what you will need to use on the altar to spawn the Meadows boss named Eikthyr.

Thanks for reading our valheim Guide to the Mistlands biome. Be sure to check out our other guides too!


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