Valheim - How To Install Mods In Valheim

This quick Guide will show you step-by-step the simplest and most efficient ways to start installing mods onto your game.


When Installing mods for a new game It can be difficult to find the time and resources to learn how to mod it. This simple guide will show you how to Install mods and where to find them.

Installing BepInExPack


BepInExPack is a prerequisite for modding in Unity and is needed if you want to install mods in your game. There are two ways to install it the first is the automated installation and the manual installation.

You can download BepInExPack here[]

Automatic Installation

1. First, you need to download and run the r2modman mod-manger.

2. After you have done that, you can click the Install with mod manager option on the BepInExPack page and you are done. Just run the game with the mod manager.

Manual Installation

If you want to install BepIn manually choose the manual download option.

1. Extract the archive into a folder

Valheim - How To Install Mods In Valheim

2. Extract the contents of BepInExPack folder folder into \steamapps\common\Valheim

Valheim - How To Install Mods In Valheim

3. If you have installed it correctly it should look something like this.

Valheim - How To Install Mods In Valheim

4. Run the game. If everything is correct, you will see a console pop up.

If you want to play without mods simply remove the folders you have added.

Installing Mods

If you have successfully installed BepIn, go to the Plugins folder in BepinEx.

To install a mod that you have downloaded search for a .dll file it is usually located in a plugins folder.

Then simply paste the [name of mod].dll file Into your /Valheim/BepInEX/plugins

Additionally there may be other mods that require you to download other plugins in order for them to work properly so make sure to read through the mod requirements and installation guide carefully.

Where can you Find Mods

There are plenty of websites where you can get good mods but the two with the most active communities are: – Valheim Thunderstore – Nexus Mods

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