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Our valheim Boat Guide will tell you how to use a boat, why you’ll need one to explore the world, and how to unlock a raft, karve, and long boat!

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How to unlock the Karve | How to unlock the long jackpot

how to use a valheim Boat

using a valheim Boat doesn’t seem intuitive at first, but it will all make sense once you understand the underlying concepts. For starters, you can move a ship forward or backward using W and S. You can also turn the rudder left or right using A or D. This is all represented on the HUD as shown below.

However, one major problem is that your ship is powered primarily by the wind. If the wind isn’t blowing in the direction you want to move, you’re not going anywhere fast.

For example, take a look at the following image:

Valheim Raft sailing against the wind

You can see that the wind direction is going to the left. Obviously the raft is not facing that way, so at best it will be moving very, very slowly. In many cases, however, it won’t budge at all!

When you are at 33% speed forward (1 arrow up) and backward (1 arrow down), you are using the rudder to propel your ship. You may not be able to move very fast (or at all) if you are pushing within wind. With 66% bow power and 100% bow power you will set sail and the wind will push you forward.

However, you can still get stuck in some places. What is your job? The same thing you would do if your car stopped moving on the road: get out there and push.

Valheim Raft Guide - Get Out and Push

If your boat doesn’t move, go under the water and swim towards it so that the wind pushes it correctly. If you beach a ship on land, you may also need to push it into the water and turn it around before you can get underway again. Sometimes you may need to dig up the ground under your boat to get it moving again.

Unfortunately, it will take several hours of gameplay (including beating the game’s first boss) before you can unlock a better one. Valheim B.oatmeal. Read on to see how to unlock each of the ships!

How to unlock the raft in valheim

You first valheim The ship will probably be the raft. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to put one together – you can get all the necessary items in the Meadow. Wood and resin are fairly easy to come by; you will simply have to cut down some trees with an axe.

The most challenging item is Leather Scraps. You can only get them by killing boars, so you won’t really be able to get a raft until you get at least 6 pieces of leather. Some people (myself included) may choose to skip a raft altogether and go straight to the Karve, if only because hunting deer might be a bit easier for experienced players.

How to build a raft in valheim

  • workbench in range
  • 20 Wood
  • 6 leather scraps
  • 6 resin

How to Unlock Valheim Longboat and Karve Navigation

How to unlock the Karve in valheim

You will probably unlock the Karve in valheim by Crafting Bronze Nails; You will most likely have figured out all the other components by the time you get to making Bronze Nails. That means this valheim Boat is a bit beyond you early in the game – you’ll need to beat the first boss of the game before you can start mining and smelting the metal you’ll need to make Bronze Nails.

The Karve is a bit counterintuitive to unlock because it requires bronze spikes and you might not think to craft them right away. (Remember, new items are only unlocked in the game when you’ve collected each and every one of the necessary components!) You’ll also need Fine Wood, an item you can’t easily get without a bronze axe; You can get fine wood by chopping birch trees (the white trees with black spots) with a bronze ax or better.

In addition to being faster and stronger, the Karve also has a cargo hold with four inventory slots. This makes it ideal for transporting minerals and other items early in the game that you can’t move through a portal.

How to build a Karve in valheim

  • workbench in range
  • 30 fine wood (acquired from birch trees)
  • 10 deerskin
  • 20 resin
  • 80 brass nails

How to Unlock the Valheim Longboat and Karve Crypt Portion

How to unlock the Longboat in valheim

You will probably unlock the Longboat in valheim making iron nails. This big valheim The ship requires 100 iron nails, and that means you’ll have to go to the swamp and mine iron from a crypt. The crypts are locked by default, which means you’ll also have to beat the second boss in the game to get the swamp key. While you’re there, you’ll also want to hit some ancient trees with a bronze ax or better so you can get ancient bark.

The Longboat has a huge cargo hold with a total of 18 spaces. This makes it the best option for moving large amounts of ore (and anything else that a portal can’t get through).

Making the second and third. valheim The ship is a bit more difficult than a simple raft. That being said, they can carry a lot more players compared to a single raft and generally give you a smoother ride on the waters. The controls are the same too, so the only adjustment you’ll need to make is for a higher speed and larger size.

valheim Long Boat Crafting Recipe

  • workbench in range
  • 100 iron nails
  • 10 deerskin
  • 40 Fine Wood
  • 40 ancient bark

That’s the end of our valheim Boat guide. If you enjoyed it, why not check out our other guides below?


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