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How valheim animals work

There are a few valheim Animals that can be domesticated and raised as cattle. While all of these animals provide some type of food, they also tend to provide some type of added benefit or item that makes them doubly useful.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get some of these animals. You will have to locate them and, in some cases, guide them to your base. Read on for more details!

How to slaughter domesticated animals in valheim

You can slaughter animals in valheim crafting a butcher knife in the forge. This will allow you to kill your tamed animals.

How to keep bees in valheim

Bees are one of the valheim Animals that are easier to care for: will continue to produce honey for free once you have built a hive. Bees produce honey, which is used in some cooking recipes and is essential for preparing potions and mead.

Where to find bees in valheim

Bees can be found by searching for natural hives in the Meadows biome, usually in abandoned wooden houses. Once you find one, destroy it (or the structure that supports it) and a queen bee will drop. That queen bee can then be used to build a hive at your base. However, don’t stay in the area for too long – the natural bees will attack you and deal a small amount of poison damage.

How to tame bees in valheim

Bees are not “domesticated” in the same way as other animals in valheim. However, you need to make sure they have enough space around their hives or they won’t produce honey. It’s a good idea to separate the hives and place them on top of the posts as shown in the image above.

How to keep bees in valheim

Breeds cannot be bred in valheim. The only way to get more bees is to find more queen bees.

What do bees drop? valheim?

Bees continuously produce honey until their hive is destroyed. Once a hive is built and you have enough space around it, all you need to do is collect honey from time to time as it accumulates.

Valheim Animal Guide - Boars

How to breed wild boars in valheim

Wild boars are one of the most annoying. valheim Animals to deal with early in the game, even more so since they drop the leather scraps you need to craft useful things like ships.

Where to find wild boars in valheim

Boars can only be found in the Meadows biome in valheim. They will spawn irregularly in the meadows, but you can find a large concentration of them if you search for a “boar runestone”, which has the following text:

This land is harsh and wild, but those of us who are brought here are even tougher. Take comfort, traveler, in the gifts before you, the good wood and stone, the fruits and flowers of the forest.

Also look at the wild boar that roams freely in these lands. They fear fire and the hand of man, but they can be taught to obey it. Go quietly to them and let them eat from your cattle. The roots of the earth are your pleasure.

Mark the boar runestones on your map – they will be a good early source of boar meat and leather scraps. This runestone also gives hints on how you can tame boars.

How to tame wild boars in valheim

You can tame wild boars in valheim sneaking up on them and dropping carrots or red mushrooms. If you can successfully feed them, they will eventually get used to it and tame it, although it may take feeding more than once for this to happen.

It should be noted that there is no organized way to move wild boars once they are tamed. It may be wise to goad them into chasing you into a pen where you can catch them.

How to breed wild boars in valheim

wild boars in valheim it will autoplay when two of them are nearby, Happy and Fed. There is a limit to the number of boars that can be in an area, so make sure you build a large pen to accommodate enough of them.

What do wild boars drop? valheim?

Boars drop boar meat, leather scraps, and boar trophies.

Valheim Animal Guide - Chickens

How to raise chickens in valheim

Chickens are a new addition to valheim starting with the Mistlands update, paving the way for some additional cooking recipes. They are a bit more difficult to raise than boars, but you can handle it as long as you know what you are doing.

Where to find chickens in valheim

Chickens cannot be found in the wild in valheim from what we can tell; rather, you have to find the merchant and buy a chicken egg from him for 1500 gold.

How to tame chickens in valheim

Chickens will be tamed once they have been fed and grown; just feed them Seeds (such as Beech Seeds or Carrot Seeds) to gain their trust. No, though, that they can’t eat fir cones from what I can tell.

How to raise chickens in valheim

Chickens will eventually become hens and will produce eggs as long as they are fed and happy. However, you can’t just let the eggs sit on the ground. The Eggs have to be Warm, and that means you’ll need to do a bit of Building:

Valheim Animal Guide - Chicken Coop
It’s not much, but it gets the job done.

If you want chicken eggs to hatch, you’ll need to keep them protected under a roof and next to a heat source like a campfire. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw the chicken egg right next to the fire – a newborn chicken can easily walk into the flames and die instantly, and that can hurt a lot if it’s the first egg you bought.

Once you have built a protected area with fire, drop an egg on the ground and wait a few seconds. If it changes from “cold” to “warm”, it will eventually turn into a chicken. That chicken will become a hen in a couple of days and will start producing chicken eggs as long as it is fed.

What do chickens shed? valheim?

Chickens will drop chicken meat and feathers when killed.

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Valheim Animal Guide - Lox

How to breed Lox in valheim

Lox are some of the biggest and toughest creatures you will find on valheim, but they can also become powerful allies if you manage to tame them. Believe it or not, the Lox is of Valheim equivalent to a mount.

Where to find Lox in valheim

Lox can be found in the Plains Biome, usually traveling in packs of 2-4 Loxen. Lox are quite large and hard to miss.

How to tame Lox in valheim

Just like with Boars, you’ll need to sneak up on a Lox and drop Cloudberries nearby. If the Lox eats enough blackberries, it will be tamed.

How to breed Lox in valheim

Lox will spawn as long as there are two Happy and Fed Lox that are close to each other. However, there is a limit to the number of Lox that can breed in one area; make sure you have a very large pen so they have enough space.

What does lox fall into valheim?

Lox drop Lox Meat and Lox Pelt. Lox Meat is an excellent source of food towards the middle of the game, and Lox Pelt is used for both decoration and cloak crafting.

How to get a Mount and Ride Lox in valheim

You can ride tamed Lox once you equip them with a Lox Saddle. This is what it takes to make one:

  • 10 leather scraps
  • 20 linen thread
  • 15 black metal

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Valheim Animal Guide - Wolves

How to breed wolves in valheim

Wolves are fearsome enemies that occupy the mountains biome. These are one of the most dangerous. Valheim A.animals that you might find at the beginning of the game; players who go too far into the mountains will learn a painful lesson too quickly.

However, successfully tame a wolf and you will find yourself with a powerful ally. Unlike other animals, wolves will follow you if you interact with them. They will protect you in the wild, and a group of them is a force to be reckoned with.

Where to find wolves in valheim

Wolves can be found in the mountains biome in valheim.

How to tame wolves in valheim

Wolves can be tamed by feeding them raw meat, such as venison or boar meat. That’s the easy part.

The hard part though is getting them to an area where you can sneak up on them to tame them. I highly recommend digging a hole or building a pen and luring the wolves in so they can’t escape. This will allow you to keep them in place while you tame them.

How to breed wolves in valheim

As with all animals, wolves will breed as long as they are fed, happy, and have enough space around them.

What do wolves drop? valheim?

Wolves drop Wolf Meat, Wolf Fangs, Wolf Pelts, and Wolf Trophies.

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That’s the end of our valheim Animal Guide – Take a look at our other guides below!


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