UTR 2: Ultimate Toilet Roleplay 2 Update 8 Release Date and Leaks


    Ultimate Toilet Roleplay 2 (UTR 2) Update 8 is just around the corner and many of you will be wondering what’s coming in the next version. That being said, I will walk you through the confirmed release date of UTR 2 Update 8 along with an overview of the reliable leaks.

    When will UTR 2 Update 8 be released?

    The creators of Ultimate Toilet Roleplay 2 have announced that Update 8 will be released in the end of this week. Since Roblox updates are usually released on weekends, players may have to wait until June 16 for the release of Update 8.

    The game developers may also release minor updates that usually include small bug fixes and balance changes, based on player feedback.

    All UTR 2 Update 8 Leaks

    First up, we have the Quad Buzzsaw Sky Toilet with dynamic animations including crazy, stun-free chanting and brutal death sequences. Based on the leaks, it’s safe to assume that his running animation is faster, but his death animation is abrupt: just dead and blushing.

    Image via UTR 2 Discord

    Next, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired mutant displays punching, running, and jetpack animations. He also has a charging laser and a laser beam, although it requires jumping to use it effectively.

    The Giga Chad Sky Toilet Mutant impresses with powerful punching, smashing, and kicking animations, along with flashy jetpacks and shoulder blasters. When it comes to his animation, his death move is super dramatic, but I found the singing animation impressive. When he’s not happy, he just looks around and wears headphones.

    Image via UTR 2 Discord

    Finally, TV Daddy (Energized TV Man) stands out with punch, guard, big cut, and scan animations. However, he takes all the information with a pinch of salt as it is based entirely on leaks. We will be sure to update this article once the developer announces the official patch notes.

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