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    Thanks to its tower mechanics, Ultimate Tower Defense is one of my favorite tower defense games for the Roblox platform. But not all towers are made the same, and knowing which towers are in the meta as the most effective can mean the difference between defeat and victory. If you’re starting out with the game or would like to see how towers compare to each other, we have made a tier list ranking all towers in Ultimate Tower Defense Roblox game.

    Tower tier list for Ultimate Tower Defense

    Tier Tower
    S Anyah (Godly), Blackbeard (Divine), Blue Drago (Godly), Crimson Flamingo (Godly), Dark Gen (Ultimate), Denji (Ultimate), Drago (Divine), Garaa (Godly), Greybeard (Divine), Joterio (Godly), Lite (Divine), Power (Ultimate), Raruto Six Paths (Divine), Rengo (Divine)
    A Airwin (Divine), Berserk Gus (Godly), Colossal Titan (Godly), Dr. Joterio (Divine), Gio (Divine), Meruem (Ultimate), Netoro (Divine), Psycho (Ultimate), Rage Drago (Godly), Teriyaki (Ultimate), Thanos (Godly), Todo (Divine), Wiz (Divine)
    B Beast Titan (Godly), CAR-4 (Godly), Diablo (Godly), Eato (Divine), Fluffy 4th Gear (Godly), Kojo (Godly), Kura (Godly), Madika (Godly), Renjae (Godly), Tanjie (Godly)
    C Armored Titan (Godly), Golden Drago (Divine), Gukoo Black Rose (Godly), Little Raruto (Godly), Mizan (Godly)
    D Hurt (Godly), Palinarf (Godly), Rieza (Godly), Young Suzuke (Godly)

    All Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense, ranked

    We ranked Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense according to their overall performance across Classic, Infinite, and Battle Mode. Towers that are harder to get tend to work better and have a more significant damage output in this game, which is common in all gacha-type games. To have a better chance at pulling Towers from higher tiers, use codes for Ultimate Tower Defense to get more Gems which is the currency used for pulls.

    The best S Tier Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense


    Anyah is a Godly Tower added in in Ultimate Tower Defense Update 13 from the anime Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. Anyah attacks by summoning Justice, which deals insane damage with massive AoE. Anyah can also disable enemies, making them deal no damage to your base. These are her base stats:

    • Damage: 4229
    • Range: 16
    • Sec. Per Attack: 7.3
    • Deployment Cost: 6000

    Crimson Flamingo

    Crimson Flamingo was released in Update 21 and hails from the One Piece anime. Crimson Flamingo can attack multiple units simultaneously and has a slow and bleed effect. He comes with the following base stats:

    • Damage: 128
    • Range: 18
    • Sec. Per Attack: 4.75
    • Deployment Cost: 350

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    The best A Tier Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense

    Berserk Gus

    Berserk Gus was introduced in the Ultimate Tower Defense Update 16. He can double-hit enemies with his sword and emits a bleed effect which causes the enemies to lose health for a long period. He has the following base stats:

    • Damage: 533
    • Range: 8
    • Sec. Per Attack: 2.5
    • Deployment Cost: 700

    Rage Drago

    Rage Drago gives a 200% damage boost to all units placed. This ability, however, comes with a caveat, speeding up enemy units by 50%. You can offset this negative trait with certain other Towers, and if you combine it properly, it can be minimized to a manageable level. But you will still have to base your build around Rage Drago, which gives it less flexibility.

    The best B Tier Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense

    Beast Titan

    Beast Titan was introduced in the Ultimate Tower Defense Update 10. He is known for the most extensive range in the game. His attack consists of throwing rocks at the enemies dealing AOE damage. His stats are the following:

    • Damage: 1922
    • Range: 30
    • Sec. Per Attack: 4.5
    • Deployment Cost: 4000


    CAR-4 got introduced to the game in game Update 17. She is a single-target unit that shoots enemies with her gun with a very low cooldown time. CAR-4 comes with the following stats:

    • Damage: 129
    • Range: 13
    • Sec. Per Attack: 1.5
    • Deployment Cost: 700

    The best C Tier Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense

    Armored Titan

    Armored Titan was introduced in Update 7 in Ultimate Tower Defense, originating from the famous anime Attack on Titan. His attacks have a considerable AOE, a small range, and costly upgrades. There is a placement limitation, allowing you only one Armored Titan placement. He comes with the base stats as follows:

    • Damage: 1726
    • Range: 12
    • Sec. Per Attack: 1.8
    • Deployment Cost: 4000

    Gukko Black Rose

    Gukoo Black Rose was introduced in Update 17 of Ultimate Tower Defense, originating from the Dragon Ball. Gukoo Black Rose is an effective Tower that inflicts a beam of pink energy, inflicting decent damage against enemy units.

    • Damage: 722
    • Range:15
    • Sec. Per Attack: 2.3
    • Deployment Cost: 700

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    The best D Tier Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense


    Hurt was introduced in Update 21 of Ultimate Tower Defense, originating from my favorite anime show Naruto. Hurt inflicts a lot of damage to many units using his wide AOE. He has the following baseline stats:

    • Damage: 2552
    • Range: 12
    • Sec. Per Attack: 10
    • Deployment Cost: 700


    Palinarf was introduced in the Ultimate Tower Defense Update 19, and he originates from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure anime. Palinarf brings out his stand, known as “Silver Chariot,” which attacks enemies multiple times in a second. He comes equipped with the following baseline stats:

    • Damage: 211
    • Range: 9
    • Sec. Per Attack: 3.5
    • Deployment Cost: 1200

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